Aklyios Hoth

Veteran of the Long War, Space Marine of the Thousand Sons Legion


Race: Chaos Space Marine
Archetype: The Sorcerer
Age: Unknown Sex: Male Ht.: 7’6" (2.28m) Wt.: 680# (308kg) Build: Hulking
Hair: Neon Yellow
Eyes: Iridescent Green
Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Greed
Motivation: Arcane

75 75 72 (x3) 70 (x3) 67 75 80 75 (x2) 55

Infamy: 85
Corruption: 70
Alignment: Tzeentch
Wounds: 45

Armor Points

Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
8 10 8 8 8 8 00

Athletics + 20, Awareness + 20, Common Lore: Talis, Common Lore: War + 20, Common Lore: Saints of Talis + 10, Dodge + 20, Forbidden Lore: Adeptus Astartes + 20, Forbidden Lore: Daemon + 20, Forbidden Lore: The Horus Heresy + 20, Forbidden Lore: The Long War + 20, Forbidden Lore: Saints of Talis, Forbidden Lore: Warp + 20, Linguistics: Low Gothic + 20, Linguistics: High Gothic + 20, Linguistics: The Dark Tongue + 20, Linguistics: Eldar + 10, Linguistics: Ork + 10, Navigate (Surface) + 20, Pilot: Ground + 20, Pilot: Military Craft + 20, Psyniscience + 20, Scholastic Lore: Occult + 20, Scrutiny + 20, Meditation + 20, Command + 10, Intimidate + 20, Logic + 20


Ancient Warrior, Air of Authority, Psy Rating 7, Favored By the Warp, Bastion of Iron Will, Resistance: Toxins, Resistance: Heat, Resistance: Cold, Resistance: Psychic Powers, Crack Shot, Deadeye Shot, Blind Fighting, Light Sleeper, Strong Minded, Total Recall, Foresight, Astartes Weapon Training, Bolter Drill, Cold Hearted, Combat Sense, Crushing Blow (BC), Combat Formation, Child of the Warp, Blasphemous Incantation, Hard Target, Step Aside, Swift Attack, Iron Discipline, Infused Knowledge, Into the Jaws of Hell, Lesser Minion of Chaos (14), Minion of Chaos (7), Mighty Shot (BC), Quick Draw, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Warp Conduit, Warp Sense, Warp Lock, Wisdom of the Ancients, Psychic Power (5)


Veteran of the Long War, Unnatural Willpower (x2), Psyker (Bound)

Astartes Traits

Unnatural Strength (x3), Unnatural Toughness (x3), Amphibious, Heightened Senses: Sight, Heightened Senses: Hearing, And They Shall Know No Fear, Bulging Biceps, Ambidextrous, Iron Jaw

Gifts of Chaos

Mark of Tzeentch
Tentacles (Right Arm)
Chaos Organ (Additional Limb: Clawed)
Slayer Limb (Astartes Heavy Bolter)

Psychic Powers

Abhorrent Ward (15)
Warptime (15)
Bolt of Change (20)
Gift of Chaos (20)

Seal Wounds (20)
Regenerate (23)
Shape Flesh (19)

Preternatural Awareness (9)
Divine Shot (15)
Precognitive Strike (17)
Precognitive Dodge (11)
Far Sight (17)

Inspire (9)
Mind Probe (23)
Mind Link (11)
Dominate (24)

Temporal Manipulation
Precognition (18)
Stasis Shell (24)
Warp Time (36)

Will Unleashed
My Will, Known (20)
My Will, Obeyed (22)

Implants and Augmentations

Secondary Heart: Contributes to the Unnatural Strength and Toughness Traits.
Ossmodula: Contributes to the Unnatural Toughness Trait
Biscopea: Contributes to the Unnatural Strength Trait
Haemastamen: Contributes to the Unnatural Strength and Toughness Traits.
Larraman’s Organ: If suffering Blood Loss, has only a 5% chance to die per round (rather than the normal 10%).
Catalepsean Node: Suffers no penalty to Perception-based Tests when awake for long periods of time
Preomnor: Contributes to the Resistance: Toxins Talent
Omophagea: By devouring a portion of an enemy, a Space Marine can gain access to certain information from the foe’s memories.
Multi-Lung: Grants the Amphibious Trait
Occulobe: Grants the Heightened Senses: Sight Trait
Lyman’s Ear: Grants the Heightened Senses: Hearing Trait
Sus-An Membrane: The Space Marine may voluntarily enter a state of suspended animation. While in this state, his wounds neither heal nor deteriorate.
Melanchromic Organ: Contributes to the Unnatural Toughness Trait, and also provides Rad Resistance 500.
Oolitic Kidney: Contributes to the Resistance: Toxins Trait
Neuroglottis: Contributes to the Resistance: Toxins Trait
Mucranoid: Contributes to the Resistance: Heat and Cold Traits
Betcher’s Gland: The Space Marine may spit acid. This acts as a ranged weapon with the following profile: (Range: 3m, Damage: 1d5, Pen 4, Toxic). If 3 or more successes are rolled on the Attack Test, the target is also blinded for 1d5 Rounds (if applicable).
Progenoid Gland: These are the glands that turn a regular human into a Space Marine. They have no in-game effect (having been required to add all other bionics to the Space Marine, but no longer serving any function).
Black Carapace: Grants total control over the Space Marine’s power armor. Although he has the size Hulking, enemies gain no bonus to hit him. Additionally, it provides 2 AP on the torso.

Name Class Damage Type Pen Range ROF Clip Reload Notes
Daemonblade MEL 2d10 + 5 R 6 Melee NA NA NA Force Weapon, DaemonWeapon: Mutating
Astartes Boltpistol Pistol 2d10 + 5 X 5 30m S/2/- 8 1 Round Tearing
Astartes Heavy Bolter Heavy 2d10 + 10 X 6 150m //10 NA NA Tearing, Warp Weapon

Heresy-Era Mk. IV Astartes Power Armor (Chaos Armor)

  • Auto-Senses: Dark Sight, Heightened Senses: Sight/Hearing +10, Immune to Flash/Photon effects, may make a Called Shot as a Half-Action
  • Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer: Environmental seal for as long as it is powered (which is forever).
  • Vox Link
  • Sustainable Power Source
  • Enhanced Ceramite Plating: +2 AP Torso
  • Chain Loinguard: Reduce all Critical Damage to the legs by 2
  • Careful Maintenance: +2 Sub-Systems (reflected above)

Aklyios Hoth

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