"Hack" Zuriel Lek

The Wandering Aribitrator, Deceased.


Current Career: Arbitrator
Career Path: Arbitrator
Rank: 7, Marshall
Age: 39 Sex: Male Ht.: 1.75m Wt.: 65kg Build: Fit/Wiry
Hair: Sun worn-Black, straight, worn medium-long in length on top, with short sides and back
Eyes: Deep Blue
Distinguishing Marks Aquilian nose
Divination: Only in Death does duty end.
Quirk: Devotional scarring on right hand
Titles: Knight of the Reach

42 56 38 47 40 40 42 41 34
Armor Points
Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
5 5 5 5 5 5 0

Insanity Points: 17
Corruption Points: 8
Radiation: 83
Wounds: 20
Fate: 1


Awareness, Barter, Dodge +10, Inquiry +10, Scrutiny, Search, Silent Move, Common Lore (Talis), Common Lore (Factions of Talis) +10, Common Lore (Talis Law) +10, Literacy, Security, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Speak Language (High Gothic), Tech-use, Tracking, Drive (Ground)
Basic (untrained): Navigation (Surface), Wrangling


Melee: Primitive, Power
Pistol: Solid Projectile, Las
Basic: Solid Projectile, Las
Resist: Cold, Heat
Quick Draw, Talented (Inquiry), Sound Constitution x9, Rapid Reload, Double Team, Light Sleeper, Leap Up, Disarm, Ambidexterity, 2 Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee), Gunslinger, Step-aside

Charmed, Ill-omened, Survivalist, Wastelander

Background: (Calaxian) Pattern Killings


Armoured: Enforcer Lt. Carapice w/ Helmet Auspex/Commo Suite, Enviro-Sealed, Conqueror’s Pectoral, Shell pouch (40 shot, 8 Dragon Breath), double pistol belt(w/ 1 spare clip for each), Bandoleer of 6 Clips for Spector (x2 Standard, x4 Manstopper)
Unarmoured: Good Quality Shirt, Trousers, Waistcoat, Boots, Duster, Wide Brimmed Hat, or Arbitrator’s Uniform, both commonly with double pistol belt(and clips).
Melee: Club, Survival Knife, Brass Knuckles, Power Sword
Ranged: Steel Burner w/ red dot sighter(2 clips), Hecutor 95 Auto pistol w/ red dot sighter(2 clips), Best Quality Spector Auto-Assult Weapon w/ scope (1(3 total) standard, 2(6 total) Manstopper), 1 Frag Grenade, 4 Stun Grenade
Commonly Carried: Injector, 3 doses of Stimm, Pack of Tobac Sticks (or Pipe and Tobac), Lighter, Arbitrator’s Badge, Chrono, Glow sticks x2, deck of cards
Backpack: Bed roll, Spare Tobac, Cigars x2, Salt 1kg, Clean Water x3 Bottles, Travelling clothes, Pencils x15, Journal book, Prewar Money x50, Melta Gel x2 Tubes, 4 decks of sealed cards, 30 autopistol rnds, 40 rifle rnds
Ing: D Grade: 163


“Hack” Zuriel Lek was born to the coupling of a small caravan of travelling Wastelanders. It was a rough life, made rougher when around the age of 5 a devastating attack of raiders hit the small band and killed or enslaved almost everyone. Hack had hid from the attack in a near-by outcropping of rocks when he had been returning with one of the older kids with the night’s cooking water. Hack silently watched nearly the whole thing take place. He was brave, as his father had taught him, when a stray shot killed the boy next to him. In the end, it was just him that was left there. Being near-enough a small oasis, Hack lived off the land there as he had been taught, eating the fruit and hunting the smaller animals.

After a while, he had grown into a strong, lean young man, and packing all he could carry, he began to wander the wastes, looking for some place to settle, as the oasis had all but run dry. After what seemed like a countless age, Hack was caught stealing food from a farm in the settlement of Celestial Hills. His story, what could be understood of it, warmed the heart of a local family who took him in. They taught him how to read and write(as practice, Hack has kept a journal), and helped him into his trade with the Adeptus Arbites.

Hack has gained a reputation through the years of being a fair, easy-going kind of fellow, moving in a thoughtful manner most times, though not one to be crossed at all. While the faces and names of his dead caravan and those responsible have long faded from his memory, he is somewhat less than tolerant of raiders and slavers.

The Journal


Zuriel Lek


xx, xx, 1274

Dear Ma,
Well, you’ve been gone now a good 15 or more seasons, but I figure I’d write to you cuz the family I moved in this here town with says if I want to really get good with it I better practice. Particularly at my age. You know I always been good with words. They’ve been teaching me more about them a whole lot here. After Pa and Jason and Molly and the rest all died, well you know that already. They’re probably all with you traveling the happy place with you and the God-Emperor. But they and the others passed not long after you in that raid. I’m not sure how I survived really. Just kind of did. After that, I just kinda made my way until I found this place I’m writing you from.

Celestial Hills not as bad as you’d think. These settled folk are as weird as you said though. Not so bad though. I do miss your Cactus-scorp stew though. They turn their noses at the thought here. Not that I’ve seen any of the big scrorp’s around here. Been living with this family for about 3 Turns now. Nice folk, go by the last name Radcliff. Funny name. But there’s their Pa, Nathaniel, his wife, Suzy-Mae, and their daughter, Jenni. Apparently they lost a few kids, and had enough room to let me move in with them, so long as I study some, and help with the chores. Easy livin if you ask me. There was a lot of questions about what I done, and where I’d been most my life. They couldn’t believe I spent the last few full turnings on my own. When they asked me how old I was, I told them I remember about 16 or 17 Full turns, and one or 2 not so well. They reckon’d I was about 19 of their years when I joined up with them. I’m about 22 now. We just celebrate the day I joined up. Can’t say when it was I came out of your belly rightfully. Not sure I think it matters. Nathaniel works the town’s law. The Sheriff and his enforcers called the Arbitrators. Say’s that all proper law here belonged to the Adeptus Arbites for longer than the storm has been here. Not sure how long that is, but I know it’s longer than anyone can rightly rememeber or has proper records of. I’m thinking about joining up with them. Seems like good honest work here. Don’t worry, I won’t be gettin into too much trouble with that. It’s mostly a quiet town with the odd drunks. Nothin bad will happen. Well, Ma, I think this’ll be a good stop for my first entry in my Journal here. I hope you and Pa and everyone is keeping well on the trail. I’ll do you all proud. And if I ever get the chance I’ll make amends with those bastards that…. well, you know.

Love you,

xx, xx, 1276

Dear Ma,
Well, I got in. and passed my boards. I’m an Arbitrator now. Also met a girl named Rachael Jane Bancroft. I think I found the one for me. She’s got a sweet face, and is a god solid woman, Ma. I think you’d like her. Something of a quick temper on her though. Still, I think this is the one for me. Gonna save up a few to move out on my own here, too. The Radcliff’s have been bout the closest thing to a family as I’d ever expect after you all passed on, and I’ll always come around to visit, but I need my space.

Still Nathaniel’s more than pleased to see how far I’ve come in so short a time. About 25 now and I’ve picked up more than most in a shorter time, despite my “handy-cap” as they call it. Guess they tend to think of us as we thought of them… Slow and dumb. I’ve also picked up a nick-name, “Hack”. Not sure why, but I guess it’s how they think my methods are or something. I kind of like it though.

Love you,

xx, xx, 1278

Dear Ma,
Rachael’s pregnant with our second now. Our boy, Barbosa’s doing well. He’s almost 2 and a real whip around the house. Running everywhere he can. Damned near knocked hisself cold the other day. Funniest thing I’d ever seen, not that Rachael was laughing. Panicked and went screaming for the Doc.

As if he doesn’t have enough troubles with those killings that been happening around here. Trying to figure what part goes to who so we can bury them proper. That damned bastard keeps leaving them in piles all dismembered… 5, 6, sometimes 10 people in a neat set of pilings. All bled out, with some strange alter in the middle. Looks like the bastard’s been hanging them to bleed out and then groups them for some weird sacrifice. And after, well he doesn’t always pile them. That’s only if he has the time. Lately we’ve been able to get more on his trail faster and near grab him, but he’s always escaped. Bastard’s been speeding up. We should catch him soon though…..

Love you,

xx, xx, 1287

Dear Ma,
Sorry, it’s been a while since I wrote in here. The kids are a handful, and Rachael and I can’t keep anything straight with each other any more. I think she’s sleeping around on me again. And well, I can’t seem to get a handle on the kids. The town has them spoiled something fierce. Been feeling the call again. Job’s been going no where either. After that one case I told you about all those years ago, well, I seem to have been shuffled back a bit. It wasn’t my fault. Glad the pay’s still good. About to get a promotion here, soon too. Beyond time for that.

It’s my 39th today. Not that anyone’s noticed. Been feeling something strange on the wind lately. Something familiar. Also, that bastard Havlock is in town again. It’s strange to think he’s the only one I might be able to trust anymore, since the last of the Radcliff’s died a while back. Sorry Ma, I gotta cut this short. Rachael’s harpin about something again. I’ll write you again soon. Promise.

Love you,

Hack lived by the words that were proved his death.
Only in Death does Duty end.
Hack died saving his companion from the doom he himself met.
He was 39 or so years of age.
He is survived by an unloving wife, and 2 children.

"Hack" Zuriel Lek

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