Havlock Cerusal

Five ing if you want it, 10 ing if you don't. Can't afford not to buy.


Current Career: Scum
Career Path: Crimelord/Desperado
Rank: 10/3
Age: 41 Sex: Male Ht.: 1.75m Wt.: 70kg Build: Svelt
Hair: Cropped black hair kept short and neat. Clean cut with a perpetual smile.
Eyes: Brown
Divination: Be a boon to your brothers and a band to your enemies.
Quirk: Aquila Tattoo on the front of his right shoulder.



32 57 28 34 64 42 32 47 74

Wounds: 19 * Fate: 3

Move and Capacity

Min Hour Day Carry Lift Push
96m 6km 60km 27kg 54kg 108kg

Armor Points
Flak Jacket

Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
3 3 3 3 3

T-51B Paladin-Pattern Power Armor

Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
7 7 7 7 7 7 7


Size: 2.3 m, Weight:100kg
Str: +20, Bulky (Attackers get +20 BS), Poor Manual Dexterity (-10 Agi), Base Move +1m, Heavy (-20 Dodge/Acrobatics/Contort), Iron Giant (-20 Concealment/Silent Move)

Head Legs Arms Body
Vox-Unit Mag Boots Tech Tool-Kit(Omnitool) Ceramite Plating
Auspex Hidden Holster Pistol (x2) Las Cutter Fusion Power Supply
Rebreather Personal Cogitator EMP Sink (+20 vs EMP)
Targeting Unit (+10 BS) Recoil Suppression
Flare Comp

Insanity Points: 5
Corruption Points: 1
Rads: 92

Awareness +20, Barter +20, Carouse +10, Charm +20, Cipher: Underworld +10, Command, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbitor), Common Lore (Talis), Common Lore (Underworld) +10, Concealment, Deceive +20, Dodge +20, Drive (Ground), Evaluate +10, Gamble +10, Intimidate +20, Inquiry, Literacy, Navigate Surface, Secret Tongue (Gutter), Scrutiny +10, Slight of Hand +20, Survival, Security +10, Speak (Low Gothic), Speak (Tribal), Decadance, Wrangling

Air of Authority, Ambidextrous, Basic Weapon (SP), Combat Master, Deadeye Shot, Die Hard, Duel Shot Exotic Weapon (Web Pistol), Gunfighter Saint, Gunslinger, Hard Target, Hip Shooting, Independent Targeting, Leap Up, Light Sleeper, Lightening Reflexes, Master of Coin, Marksmen, Master Orator, Melee Weapon Primitive, Mighty Shot, Peer (Middle Class, Nobility, Government, Hivers, Underworld, Worker), Peer (), Resist Poison, Pistol Training (SP), Quick Draw, Rapid Reaction, Rapid Reload, Resistance (Poison), Shady Reputation, Sharpshooter, Sprint, Step Aside, Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Total Recall

Melee Weapons
Name Class Damage Type Pen Trait
Monosword Sword 1d10 Rending 2 Mono, Adamantine
Missile Weapons
Name Class Damage Type Pen Clip Range ROF Reload
Talon Mark III x2 Pistol 1d10+2 Impact 0 18 30m S/2/6 Full
Stormstrike Basic SP 2d10+4 Impact 6 10 200m/30m S/2/- or S/3/-
2 Rds

2 rounds to convert from sniper to assault mode, +20 to hit for Havlock and -30 to others, +10 with a bipod and 2 shots,

Standard Quality Flak Jacket, Streetware, Dueling Las, Antique Playing Cards, Ornate Chrome Zippo, Harlequin’s Tears, T-51B Paladin-Pattern Power Armor


Havlock Cerusal

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