zzDeprecated: Jill Morales

Pious, if radical, follower of the Cult of the Revenant Lord, Jill fights (and sometimes eats hearts) for the Emperor


NOTE: see Jala Ningai (Jill Morales) for the current up-to-date character.

Current Career: Sin-Eater
Career Path: Cleric > Sin Eater > Forsaken Priest > Death Cult Assassin
Rank: 8
Age: 22 Sex: Female Ht.: 5’ 6" Wt.: 138 lbs. Build: Athletic
Hair: Brown, long ponytail typically, currently short stubble after being shaved
Eyes: Brown
Divination: Sins hidden in the heart turn all to decay
Quirk: Thick jaw

Attributes (x = advance taken, o = advance available)

xxoo xooo xxoo xxoo oooo xxoo oooo xxxx xooo
48 40 40/70 40 31 40 32 53 33

WS: + 10 w/ best-quality weapons (eviscerator, sword)
STR: + 30 in armor (Sororitas Power Armor)
TGH: Unnatural Toughness x2 vs. daemon/warp/psychic/psy-active/holy damage (Sin Eater), x3 vs. daemon/warp at night (Seal)
AGI: + 1 Init. roll bonus (Frontierswoman)
PER: + 10 sight/sound in armor (Sororitas Power Armor)
WP: + 10 mind control/malignancy (Flagellant) + 30 vs. daemonic mastery Sin Eater/Master Sorc.) + 20 vs. daemonic weapons (Sin Eater), Unnatural Willpower x2 vs. Psy attacks at night (Seal)
FEL: + 10 to ordinary citizens, – 20 to rival clergy (Frontierswoman)


Awareness, Barter, Carouse, Charm, Climb, Common Lore: (Religions of Talis), Concealment, Dodge, Evaluate, Forbidden Lore: (Occult, Mutants +10, Archaeotech, Black Library, Xenos, Psychers +10, Daemonology +20), Gamble, Inquiry, Interrogation, Invocation, Literacy, Performer: Sing, Scholastic Lore: (Necrophagi, Spectres, Vampires, Abominations), Shadowing, Scrutiny, Silent Move, Speak Language: Low Gothic, Survival, Trade: Cook, Tracking, Wrangling

Elite Advances:


Sound Constitution x3, Disarm, Hatred: (Mutants, Criminals), Quickdraw, Blademaster, Swift Attack, True Grit, Crushing Blow, Unshakeable Faith, Nerves of Steel, Sin Scarred, Sanguine Est Fides, Armor of Contempt, Sorcerer, Psy-Rating: 1, Lightning Attack, Rival (Children of the Atom), Psiniscience, Master Sorcerer

Weapon Training:
Basic Weapon: Primitive, Basic Weapon: SP, Pistol: SP, Melee Weapon: Primitive, Melee Weapon: Shock, Exotic Weapon: Thrown, Melee Weapon: Chain

Elite Advances:


Frontierswoman, Flagellant, Decadence, Death Cultist

Minor Psychic Powers

Resist Possession

Major Psychic Powers

Minor Arcana

Whispers of the Warp
Alluring Whispers

Major Arcana

Daemon Wrack
Gate of Infinity/Create Door
Forging of the First Seal (unique, ritual)
Mind Scan


Create Daemonic Familiar
Summon Incarnate Daemon (Bloodletter)
Summon the Watcher at the Gates


16 Ing, Religious Necklace, Robes, 4 Candles, Skull Charm, Backpack, Family Relic Carapace Helm (not worn), Cooler, Rope (30’), Autopistol + 2x Clips, 8 Days Dry Rations, Rad Suit (7kg, not worn), Armored Bodyglove (not worn), Vault Water x6 (clean, bottled), Guard Flak Suit (not worn), Carcosan Bracers with 8 charges, AP 8/10 (chest) Sororitas Power Armor (Sisters of Battle, + 20 str., + 10 str. from hisotry, auto-senses, dark sight, bio-monitor, mag. boots, recoil suppression, hulking, vox, nutrient recycling), Bolt Pistol + 1 bag of (6) clips (2d10 + 5, explosive, range 30m, ROF S/3, clip 14, pen: 5, reload full), Copy of Necronomicon, Chrono, Com-bead, Best Quality Sanctified Eviscerator (1d10 + 11, rending, total: 1d10 + 17/+ 24 while in power-armor + bracers, tearing, unwieldy, pen: 5), Great Shock Sword (2d10 rending, shock, total: 2d10 + 6/+ 13 while in power armor + bracers, unwieldy pen: 2), Best Quality Sanctified Sword (1d10 type: rending, + 8/ + 13 in power armor + bracers, balanced, primitive), Twin-linked Shotgun (not carried), Armor of Faith (+ WP bonus as AP vs. Daemon/Warp/Psychic damage), Knucklebone Rosary (made Psy-Focus), 3 doses of Spook, 100g of silver, Red Book of Kitchen Sorcery, books on Watcher/Ladder of Lights, The First Seal

AP (Sororitas Power Armor + Tough Hide):

Head Body L. Arm R. Arm L. Leg R. Leg Field
9 11 9 9 9 9 0


Total Wounds: 18 (- 1, flagellant: 17), Total Fate Points: 2, Insanity: 43, Corruption: 63, Radiation: 54
Psy-Rating: 5 (1 + 4 Master Sorcerer), 6 at night (Seal)
Movement: half: 3/4 (power-armor), full: 6/8 (pa), charge: 9/12 (pa), run: 18/24 (pa)
Carry: 36/72 kg (pa), Lift: 72/144 kg (pa), Push: 144/288 kg (pa)
Experience: 10850 Spent Experience: 10850


Growing up in a small frontier village, Jill learned to support others, respect her parents and pastor, and help those she can with her skills and strength. Taking quickly to the local preaching of the Cult of the Revenant Lord it immediately fit her slant to proving yourself through suffering and righting the wrongs wrought by the weak. Driven to stop her depraved brother Phil Morales after hearing of his exploits on the farmstead, she took her family’s prized carapace helm and great sword, plus her most crucial small plastic cooler, she confronted her brother at the same time he was shot by Seyan Carterius for stealing from him (amongst others, namely Damien “Dino” Herman in the current timeline). Delivering the coup-de-gras, she cut his heart out to take with her in her cooler (after a bite for her own victory and customs) to take to the family Phil had wronged the most in life in penance. Whether the gift was well received, well, is unlikely but was not specifically stated at the time.

Since joining the party and throwing herself recklessly at a Fade to help Carterius, she had since learned a bit of temperance for her outrage at the unjust, demonic, and importantly, the psycher thanks to having her life saved by the enigmatic Lorelei. While truly hating many threats to the sanctity of innocent Imperial citizens (even in the wasteland of Talis), an acceptance of the good that can be done turning the enemy’s strength against them was always in her from her teachings in the blessed Cult. Having recently found a long dead sister of battle, Cannoness Gabriela Lenora, in her armor, she has dedicated herself to continuing the sister’s work as best she can with her weapons for the good of the Emperor.

Jill also hopes to rejoin Brother Theodorus the marine who arrived on the ship with the dead sister, bearing her current armor. She hopes to help him stop the dead-raising arch-bishop heretic who also escaped the wreckage. However, she could not abandon Carterius after coming this far and bonding in training with the witch-hunter.

Taken to the ultimate extreme, Jill then traveled to Thracia City to join with senior members of the Cult who indoctrinated her in the ways of the Sin-Eater through the grueling trials and scarring of her body. Now feeling prepared to travel the darkest paths and bring no pity to the evils of the world, this path has steeled her for the rigors of fighting the daemon and heretic in startling ways; but at the cost of any hope of her own soul which is thoroughly, yet willingly damned for all time.

Upon burning away her corruption and shame in The Cleansing Fire of Zuvassin, Jill has redubbed herself Jala and begun a new life of true purity.

zzDeprecated: Jill Morales

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