Magnus Silon Flavioius Sigismund

Well to do, well meaning know-it-all.


Current Career: Sage
Career Path: Adept, Sage
Rank: 9, Sage
Age: 27 Sex: Male Ht.: 1.75m Wt.: 55kg Build: Scrawny
Hair: Brown, kept neat
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Divination: Truth is Subjective
Quirk: Quivering Fingers
Heritage City Slicker

33 37 27 30 39 58 43 58 41
Armor Points
Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
5 5 5 5 5 5 0

Insanity Points: 8
Corruption Points:
Wounds: 14
Fate: 0


Awareness +20, Barter, Command, Decieve +10, Dodge, Evaluate +10, Inquiry

+20, Logic +20, Search +10, Tech-Use +10, Medicae +10, Literacy +20, Blather

+10, Common Lore Mastery
Speak Language: Low Gothic, High Gothic
Trade: Copyist, Cartographer, Artist
Scholastic Lore: Government:Hub +10, Occult +10, Chimistry +10, Numerology

+10, Heraldry +10, War Cults of Talis +10, Astromancy +10, Cryptology, Law

of the Wasteland
Forbidden Lore: Cult: Cult of the Morning Star +10, Heresies of Talis +10,

Mutants +10, Inquisition, Archeotech


Melee: Primitive
Pistol: Solid Projectile, Las, Primitive
Sound Constitution: 5
Resist:Cold, Poison, Psychic
Peer: Academics, Cult of the Morning Star, Nobility
Sprint, Total Recall, Binary Chatter, Armour of Contempt, Jaded, Step-aside,

Rapid Reload, Quick Draw, Unnatural Intelligence x2, Strong Minded, Mental Fortress
Conditioned Intellect


Tradesman, Superior Origins, Educated, Accustomed to crowds, Knowledge is

Power, Unfazable


Implants Cerebral Plug, MIU
Armoured: Best-Quality Flak Armour
Unarmoured: Robes, pants, travelling boots, deep blue thick lensed glasses
Melee: Mono sword, Mono knife, Staff
Ranged: Archeotech Las Pistol
Backpack/Gear: Auto quill, Data Slate, Charm, Chrono, Clothes x2, Filter, writing kit, stack of notes, note paper

Plugs, Gas mask, Medkit, Auspex, Las clips x2
Ing:A Grade: B Grade: 60 C Grade: 30 D Grade: 80


The third son of rich parents, Magnus was allowed free reign to delve into the mysteries of Talis. He vigorously studied as much as he could, and his passion and devotion to them led him to become a member of the Cult of the Morning Star as an Adept, and Sage.

Magnus Silon Flavioius Sigismund

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