Mar-Xerxes "the Red Mongrel" Wrax

Bloodsworn Guardsmen turned Mercenary


Current Career: Vindicare Assasin
Career Path: Guardsman, (Malfian) Bloodswon rank 5, Vindicare Assassin
Rank: 9, Vindicare Assassin
Age: 24 Sex: Male Ht.: 1.9m Wt.: 85kg Build: Muscular but lean
Hair: Coppery red, usually worn about medium length tied in a short ponytail
Eyes: Gray
Skin: Olive/tan
Divination: The Wise Man Learns from the Death of Others
Quirk: Filed Teeth
Heritage Tribal

50 63 43 51 45 33 44 34 37
Armor Points
Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
3 5 5 5 5 5 0

Insanity Points:
Corruption Points:
Wounds: 25
Fate: 3


Survival, Navigation (Surface), Tracking +10, Speak (Tribal), Speak (Low Gothic), Awareness +20, Ciphers (War Cant), Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Demolitions, Search +10, Shadow +10, Concealment, Silent Move, Intimidate +10, Athletics Mastry(Acrobatics, Climb, Contortionist, Dodge, Swim +20)


Melee: Primitive, Chain, Shock
Pistol: Solid Projectile, Las, Primitive, Flame, Bolt
Basic: Solid Projectile, Las, Primitive, Flame, Bolt
Exotic: Bow, Crossbow
Talented: Survival, Navigation (Surface), Tracking
Sound Constitution: 13
Heightened Senses: Hearing, Sight
Quickdraw, 2 weapon wielder: Ballistic, Rapid Reload, Ambidexterous, Iron Jaw, Hard Target, Deadeye, Rapid Reaction, Dual Shot, Hip Shooting, Mighty Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Jaded, Mighty Shot


Iron Stomach
Nature’s Bounty
Rite of Passage
Living off the Land
Wilderness Savy
Temple Assassin
Sacrificial Past


Armoured: Mesh Cowl, Best quality Body glove
Unarmoured: Uniform Fatigues, boots,
Melee: Mono axe, Mono knife, Combat Knife
Ranged: Long Bow (Best quality), Deathlight Lasgun with Targeting Scope, Fatebringer revolver twinlinked, 2 Bolas, Voice of Reason Sniper Rifle, Last Word Needle Pistol
Backpack/Gear: Arrows x30, Bullets x80, Charge Pack x5, Backpack, Belt pouches x4, Magnoculars, Rope 10m, filter plugs, maitenence kit, bed roll, tool kit, Rations x3 days, nail bombs x1, Uniform, Talisman Uplifting Primer, Spy mask
Ing: D Grade: 1085


Born to a desert tribe of the Wasteland of Talis, Mar-Xerxes grew up learning to hunt and live off the land. He was among the finest of his generation of hunters and warriors. When the Red Chrome Legion came through on a recruitment drive, Mar-Xerxes readily signed up believing all that he was told, though soon his eyes were opened to a harsher truth than the areas he grew up in.

Still, a natural combatant, Mar-Xerxes earned his name, the Red Mongrel, due to the savagery of his fighting, and unerring ability to rarely miss his mark. With a group of soldiers mostly comprised of other tribals, he joined an elite group known as The Bloodsworn. After months of training and a few successful missions later, the group was sent on a suicide mission where none were meant to return. Somehow Mar-Xerxes survived, and decided that he had, had enough. He then became a Mercenary/sniper for hire.

The Red Mongrel made a quick name for himself, and was approached for an “easy” contract defending an island that belonged to the Iron Priests. In the end, it was anything but.

Mar-Xerxes "the Red Mongrel" Wrax

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