Solomon Novus Quint

Ex-Bodyguard sent forth to serve as Magnus's interest in actively saving the world.


Current Career: StormTrooper
Career Path: Guardsman, StormTrooper
Rank: 12 Xp Total: 26,800 Spent: 26,600 Unspent: 200
Age: 41 Sex: M Ht: 1.9m Wt: 90kg Build: Well Built
Hair: Brown Eyes: Grey Skin: Tanned Quirk: Aquiline Nose Origin Frontiersman
Divination: “Do not ask Why you serve. Only ask how.”


57 64 42 52 58 31 51 40 26


Head Torso R Arm L Arm R Leg L Leg Shield/Barrier
7 7 7 7 7 7 0

Insanity Points: 1
Corruption Points: 9
Radiation: 5
Wounds: 25
Fate: 3

Intimidate, Trade (Cook), Speak (Low Gothic)
Athletic Mastery (Acrobatics, Climb, Contortionist, Dodge, Swim)
Observation Mastery (Awareness, Scrutiny, Search)
Fieldcraft Mastery (Wrangler, Survival, Nav (Surface), Tracking)
Stealth Mastery (Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing)
Tech-use Mastery (Tech-use, Medicae, Chem-use, Demolition)

Melee: Primitive, Chain, Shock, Power
Thrown: Primitive
Pistol: Primitive, SP, Las, Flame, Bolt, Launcher, Melta
Basic: Primitive, SP, Las, Launcher, Bolt, Flame
Sound Constitution: 15
2 Weapon Wielder: Ballistic
Resistance (Psychic), Rapid Reload, Blade Master,
Combat Master, Hip Shooting, Dual Shot, Step-Aside,
Leap-up, Wall of Steel, Quick Draw, Lightning Reflexes, Fearless,
Peerless Marksman (Crack Shot, Deadeye Shot, Marksman, Mighty Shot, Sharpshoot)
Indominable Fortitude (Die Hard, Hardy, Iron Jaw, Resist: Poisons, Heat, Cold, True Grit)
Storm of Blows (Ambidexterous, Dual Strike, Lightning Attack, Swift Attack, 2 Weapon Weilder)
Death Blow (Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Precise Blow, Sure Strike)

Wary, Traditionalist, Defender of the Wastelands, Apprentice, Mara Landing Massacre,
Special Ops Training, Specialist: Recon

Kit: Full Carapice Armour with a/v suite,
Hellgun w/ 4+1 mags and Power Bayonette, Steel Burner Las Pistol w/ 2+1 mags, Combat Blade, 2x Frag, Krack, Smoke Grenades, Bolt Pistol (2 bolt, 1 sanctified, 1 anti-psychic mags)
chrono, filter plugs, day’s ration of Tabac, magnoculars, Lamp pack, canteen

Backpack: Rations x10 days, sleep kit, 10m rope

Elsewhere: 1000 Ing (stored with Magnus)

Ing:A Grade: B Grade: C Grade: D Grade: 500


“To say that Solomon had a rough life is putting it lightly. Solomon Novus Quint was born to Lucius and Mara Quint, who lived and worked in a farming community somewhere near the Hub, though where exactly, even Solomon is no longer fully sure of. Solomon was raised as fairly typical life on a farm could be. He learned some about growing crops, tending the livestock, the patience of how to shoot a rifle to effectively protect the community from wildlife and raiders that would wander by and try to ruin them. It was a hard but satisfying life until that one incident in his 16th year.

One night, out of no where, the community was razed, pillaged and finally, utterly destroyed by some unknown force. Few survived along with Solomon, though to the best of his knowledge, he is the only one that still breaths. Solomon then took to surviving the ravages of the Wastes. He had equipped himself as best he could, and learned the hard way how to live off the brutal desert until he was able to get to another settlement. He took work where he could, usually as a laborer. He traveled from place to place, serving as a caravan guard at times. Solomon is one to rarely drink. His pleasure takes the form of keeping his skills honed and sharpened to the day that he is able to exact his revenge.

As time went on, Solomon tired of travelling, and settled in the Hub. There he earned a name as a personal body guard until he caught the eye and was hired by one of the more well-to-do families, the Sigismunds. Ever a gruff man, he very effectively was able to protect the family for over 12 years, until a few months, when he was let go. Only Solomon and his patron know exactly why, and rumors abound as they will. What is certain, is that Solomon still being given a decent stipend to live off of, and that he is bored.

One rumor as to his dismissal, one that has some backbone to it, revolves around an incident that happened not long ago that caused quite a scene and trouble for the Sigismund family. One that Magnus had been able to resolve with little ill effect, though a rather high cost. But it allowed Solomon to keep his life. A life that Solomon vowed was in the hands of Magnus, should he ever wish it. Magnus, never had intention to use this boon until coming back from his recent travels and experiences that had put him close to death. Magnus now has asked Solomon to fulfill his interests in keeping those he traveled with safe, and to do all he can to see ti through to completion. Solomon has agreed to this."

Solomon Novus Quint

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