Tsac Tuo

Sal'hadrin and Consort of the Sybil

Current Career Crusader Career Path Scum > Technomat (5)> Crusader Rank 10
Origins Frontiersman DOB Gonelat, Shammtag 21, 1094 AF Age 17
Sex Male Ht. 1.7m (5’6") Wt. 82kg (180 pounds)
Build Brawny Hair Brown Eyes Blue
Divination “The only true fear is of dying with your duty not done” (+2W)
Quirk Nervous Tic, has nightmares and very intense dreams, some of which may be prophetic or clairvoyant (These may be sent by a Saint or other divine agency, or he may be a nascent Psyker)


47 54 49 48 50 42 38 47 44
xxx000 xxx000 xxx000 xxx000 xxx000 xx0000 xx0000 xxx000 xx0000

Armor Points

Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field Type
7 7 7 7 7 7 0 Sal’Hadrin Carapace
4 2 2 2 2 2 0 Gang Leathers (Primitive) and Flak Helm
0 2 2 2 2 2 0 Armored Bodyglove

Wounds: 21
Insanity: 66 (Nightmares: Severe)
Corruption: 5
Rads: 19

Origins Package

Wastelander: Charmed: Roll 1d10 whenever spending a Fate Point, on a roll of 9, it is not lost; Ill-Omened: -5 FEL when interacting with non-Wastelanders; Survivalist: Treat Navigation: Surface and Survival as Basic Skills

Transition Package

Induction: His name put forward by Seyan Carterius, and seconded by the Sybil Ahymie MakMillain and Sal’Hadrin Ynnaefer Stark, Tsac was selected for training by the Sal’Hadrin of the Cult of the Morning Star, holy warriors dedicated to the purposes of the Saint Inanna As’Ishtar, the defense of her temple, her priestesses and her Sybils. Following his receipt of a silver sword (representing induction into the ranks of the Sal’Hadrin), he was named Consort by Sybil Ahymie MakMillain.

This package increases Toughness by 5, and removes 1d5 Insanity and Corruption points.


Skill Rank Skill Rank Skill Rank
Awareness + 10 Barter Untrained Carouse +10
Charm + 20 Concealment Untrained Contortionist Trained
Deceive + 20 Disguise Untrained Dodge + 20
Evaluate Untrained Gamble Untrained Inquiry Untrained
Intimidate Untrained Logic Untrained Climb Untrained
Scrutiny + 10 Search + 10 Silent Move Untrained
Drive Trained Perform: Dance + 10 Perform: Bones Trained
Perform: Sing + 10 Literacy (Low Gothic) + 10 Blather Trained
Medicae + 10 Acrobatics + 20 Survival Trained
Chem-Use Trained Armorer Trained Technomat Trained
Tech-Use + 10 Navigation: Surface Trained Sleight of Hand Trained
Language Skills Rank Lore Skills Rank
Low Gothic Trained Sch: Undead + 10
High Gothic Trained Sch: Aberrations + 10
ST: Throne Agent Trained Sch: Necrophagi + 10
Sch: Occult + 10
Com: Talis + 10
Com: Cults of Talis + 10
Com: Cult of the Morning Star + 10
Frb: Psykers Trained
Frb: Warp Trained
Frb: Daemons Trained


Sound Constitution V Quick Draw Rapid Reload
Catfall Armsmaster Dead-Eye
Sharpshooter Blademaster Chain Weapon Expertise

Weapon Talents

Melee Weapons Pistol Weapons Basic Weapons Heavy Weapons Throwing Weapons Exotic Weapons
Primitive SP SP Primitive
Chain Flame Flame


Ambidextrous Light Sleeper Wastelander
Ill-Omened Charmed Unremarkable
Survivalist Shield Against Harm Slayer of Daemons

Ascended Talents


Talents of Influence

Peer Allies Rivals Enemies
Temple of the Emperor’s Grace Cult of the Morning Star Order of the Argent Blade The Red Redemption (Whitecloaks)
Children of the Purifying Light Church of Eternal Fire The Cult of Starry Wisdom


Best-Quality Sanctified Carapace Armor
Best-Quality Power-blade
Best-Quality Sanctified Chainsword
Storm’s Son Hand Cannon
“Get out of Trouble Free” Card

Storm’s Son (Standard Round)
Class Damage Type Pen Range RoF Clip Reload Special
Pistol SP 1d10+4 I 2 35m S/-/- 10 1 Full Reliable, Unstable, Twin-Linked
Storm’s Son (GunRunners Round)
Class Damage Type Pen Range RoF Clip Reload Special
Pistol SP 1d10+5 I 4 35m S/-/- 10 1 Full Reliable, Twin-Linked

Tsac Tuo

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