Vena Rauchauk


Current Career: Crusader
Career Path: Assassin> Crusader
Origins: Tribal
Background Package: Sword of the Morning Star
Transition Package: Induction
Rank: 16
Age: 38 Sex: Female Ht.: 1.85m Wt.: 70kg Build: Athletic
Hair: Black, shaved short on the sides, the top brushed back and woven into a bundle of braids
Eyes: Dark Brown
Divination: There is no substitute for zeal.
Quirk: Make-up

70 70 55 60 70 50 60 60 65
Armor Points
Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
7 7 7 7 7 7 0

Barter, Carouse +10, Chem-Use, Evaluate, Gamble, Logic, Medicae +10, Common Lore: Talis +10, Common Lore: War +20, Common Lore: Cults of War, Forbidden Lore: Daemons +10, Forbidden Lore: Psykers +10, Forbidden Lore: Warp +10, Scholastic Lore: Abberations +10, Scholastic Lore: Necrophagi +10, Scholastic Lore: Mutants +10, Scholastic Lore: Undead +10, Scholastic Lore: Cults of Talis +10, Scholastic Lore: Saints of Talis +20, Trade (Armorer), Tech-Use, Literacy +10, Speak: High Gothic +20, Speak: Low Gothic +10, Speak: Tenebrous Dialect, Perform (Dance) +20, Perform (Sing) +10, Scholastic Lore: Xenos +20, Forbidden Lore: Xeno +20

Mastered Skills

Athletic Mastery: Acrobatics, Climb, Contortionist, Dodge, Swim ( +20)
Charismatic Mastery: Blather, Charm, Command ( +20)
Driving Mastery: Drive (Ground), Drive (Military), Drive (Walker) ( +20)
Fieldcraft Mastery: Navigation (Surface), Survival, Tracking, Wrangling ( +20)
Investigation Mastery: Inquiry, Interrogation, Intimidate ( +20)
Observation Mastery: Awareness, Scrutiny, Search ( +20)
Shadow Craft Mastery: Deceive, Disguise, Security, Sleight of Hand ( +20)
Stealth Mastery: Concealment, Shadowing, Silent Move ( +20)

Weapon Talents Social Talents Other Talents
Basic Weapon Expertise Hatred (Orks) Sound Constitution x10
Pistol Expertise Hatred (Undead) Blind-Fighting
Melee Expertise Arms Master
Heavy Weapons: Bolt Nerves of Steel
Heavy Weapons: Flame Hip-Shooting
Heavy Weapons: Las Frenzy
Heavy Weapons: Launcher Talented (Survival)
Heavy Weapons: Primitive Talented (wrangling)
Heavy Weapons: SP Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
Throwing Weapons: Primitive
Exotic Weapon: Archery
Talents of Influence
Ally Peer Good Reputation Rival Enemy
Cult of the Morning Star Tribal Temple of the Emperor’s Grace Cult of the Revenant Lord
Church of the Purifying Light The Church of Eternal Fire The Cult of Starry Wisdom
The Red Redemption (Whitecloaks)
Ascended Talents

Blade Dancer: Assassin’s Strike, Blade Master, Combat Master, Counter Attack, Wall of Steel
Death Blow: Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Precise Blow, Sure Strike
Heightened Reactions: Leap Up, Light Sleeper, Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, Paranoia, Rapid Reaction, Rapid Reload
Heroic Leadership: Air of Authority, Iron Discipline, Into the Jaws of Hell, Master Orator
Indomitable Fortitude: Die Hard, Hardy, Iron Jaw, Resist (Cold, Heat, Toxins), True Grit
Mental Aegis: Mental Fortress, Resistance (Psychics), Strong Minded
Peerless Marksman: Crack Shot, DeadEye Shot, Marksman, Mighty Shot, Sharpshooter
Soul of Stone: Armor of Contempt, Fearless, Insanely Faithful, Jaded, Resist (Fear), Unshakeable Faith
Storm of Blows: Ambidextrous, Dual Strike, Lightning Attack, Swift Attack, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)
Transcendant Hate: Hatred (Any), Inspire Wrath, Litany of Hate
Unarmed Ascendant Mastery: Disarm, Street-fighting, Takedown, Unarmed Master, Unarmed Warrior
Unassailable Grace: Deflect Shot, Hard Target, Step Aside

Basic Weapon Expertise: Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP
Melee Weapon Expertise: Chain, Power, Primitive, Shock
Pistol Weapon Expertise: Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP


Guardian, Shield Against Harm, Hunter of Aliens, Sturdy, Unnatural Willpower x2, Unnatural Agility (x2)


Vena Rauchauk

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