Black Mace of Bal

A black, flanged mace of unknown origin or design

weapon (melee)

A black, flanged mace of unknown origin or design. The head of the weapon is equipped with a number of jagged edges, which are traced with circuitry and shock-emitters.

This mace is a brutal weapon for close-quarters work, similar in purpose to an Arbiter’s truncheon. It functions as both a Shock weapon and a Power weapon. Those not killed outright by the weapon’s power field are usually rendered insensate by its shock field. However, it should be noted that the weapon seems to thirst for blood and conflict, driving its wielder into a frenzy of retribution and violence.

When used in combat, the Black Mace of Bal acts as a Shocking weapon. A target that takes at least 1 point of damage (after Armor and Toughness are factored in) must pass a Toughness test or be stunned for a number of rounds equal to half the damage taken (minimum 1 Round). The target gains + 10 to their Test for every point of Armor they have on the location struck, though the Power Field of the weapon ignores 6 points of this. Additionally, the targets suffers a -10 for every point of damage taken beyond the first.

If the wielder successfully stuns an opponent, he must make a Willpower test. If he succeeds, nothing further happens. If he fails, he takes 3 Corruption Points and gains the effects of the Frenzy Talent, and will immediately attack the person he stunned until they are dead. Once that target is dead, the wielder must pass another Willpower Test in order to break from combat, or will simply attack the next closest enemy, accruing another 3 Corruption and maintaining the effects of the Frenzy Talent.

The Black Mace of Bal has the following profile:

Class Damage Pen Range Special Notes
Melee 2d10+4 I 6 Melee Shocking, Power, Unwieldy, Wrathful

This weapon was gifted to Hack by Toxic Pete of The Hub, following his part in recovering the Void-farer from Black Mesa.

Black Mace of Bal

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