Carcosan Amulet

A large, gold pectoral, set with several gemstones, suspended from a heavy chain worn about the neck. It appears to be some form of winged insect.


This large amulet weights half a kilogram, and appears to be made of solid gold, and bears a prodigious amount of what appears to be inlaid jade, lapis lazuli and turquoise. The “wings” are further inlaid with chips of what appear to be diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire. The largest stone is a pearlescent blue-green, some three inches across.

Traits and Special Abilities

Phase Walk: While worn, the wearer may focus on any point within line of sight, or concentrate on a point he is reasonably sure exists (such as the space beyond a closed door). After one Round of concentration, the wearer may test WP. If the test is successful, the wearer shifts out of phase, and remains in hyper-dimensional space for 1 Round. At the end of that round, he reappears in the designated place. This causes 1 Wound of damage, which ignores armor and Toughness, though it may be healed normally.

If the wearer would reappear inside a solid object (such as a wall, another living being, a statue or a table), he must test Toughness. If the test passes, he instead appears in the next closest viable point, and suffers 2 Corruption Points. If the test fails, he is instead cast violently out of hyper-dimensional space, appearing 1d10 meters in a random direction from his point of origin, suffering 1d10 Wounds (ignoring armor and Toughness) and 1d10 Corruption Points.

Scarab Shell: For the cost of 1 Wound, which cannot be healed by any means for as long as this power is available, the wearer may conjure a shimmering green field of energy around his person. This field has a one-meter diameter around the wearer. The shield may be summoned as a Reaction or as a Half-Action during the Round, and persists for up to 1 minute. The wearer can dispel the shield at any time. Once dispersed, however, the shield cannot be recalled for 10 minutes.

While active, the shield provides a Barrier Rating of 40 and 25 points of Radiation Resistance per round. The shield never suffers Overload.

If the wearer wishes, he can dismiss the blood-bind and heal the Wound invested in activating this power. If he does so, the Wound must first heal and then a full day and night must pass before he can again create the blood-bind and conjure the Scarab Shell.

Black Blood: For the cost of 3 Wounds, which cannot be healed by any means for as long as this power is available, the wearer may store a portion of his life-force within the amulet. After this pact is made, the wearer may call upon the amulet to heal 2d10 Wounds at any time, even after he is technically dead (though such a declaration must be made no later than the round immediately after the wearer was struck down). Using the amulet in this manner inflicts 1d10 Corruption Points on the wearer, plus an additional number of Corruption Points equal to the number of Wounds healed by the Black Blood.


This item was given to Hack by Toxic Pete before the party left for Black Mesa.

Carcosan Amulet

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