Carcosan Bracers

A set of leather-like bracers that seem fashioned in an insectoid or crustacean motif


These bracers fasten comfortably over the forearms, and can be worn under other sets of armor, excepting bodygloves or other skin-tight attire. For some reason, they do not sit well except on bare skin. They are entirely weather-resistant, and seem to need no maintenance, despite appearing to be made of a rich, red leather, inset with smoky, purple gemstones that seem to catch the light at odd times.

Traits and Special Abilities

Cleaving: While worn, these bracers grant +2 damage to any attack made with a melee weapon, +4 if made with a Great Weapon or melee weapon requiring two hands for use.

Soulthief: When the wearer kills an opponent in melee combat (that is, strikes the blow that kills the target, regardless of combatants involved), the bracers may drink of its life essence, storing this energy within its crystalline matrices.

The wearer tests WP when the killing blow is struck. If the test succeeds, the bracers absorb 1 point of energy per success. This causes the crystals to glow softly, and the more energy they hold, the brighter they glow, though they never glow brighter than a dim candle. Absorbing energy in this manner inflicts 1 Corruption Point on the wearer, regardless of how many energy points are captured.

The Bracers store up to a maximum of 10 points of energy at any one time.

Vitae Infusion: The stored energy may be used in place of the wearer’s own life-force in life-or-death situations. Whenever the wearer would suffer Critical Damage, this damage is instead absorbed by the life-energy stored in the bracers, on a 1 to 1 exchange. That is, if the wearer were to be at 0 Wounds, and then take damage that would (after Armor and Toughness is taken into account) cause 5 points of Critical Damage, the bracers instead expend 5 points of stored energy, and this damage (and its Critical Effects) are ignored. If the Bracers contained only 8 points of energy before this exchange, they could absorb only 3 more points of damage before needing to be refilled. If the Bracers contain no energy, then this ability will not function.

Every time the Bracers prevent Critical Damage, regardless of the amount so mitigated, the wearer gains 1d10 Corruption Points.

Transfer Energy: Alternately, the wearer may transfer the energy from the Bracers to an injured target by placing both of his or her hands on the subject and concentrating for a full Round. At the end of the Round, the wearer tests WP. If successful, the Bracers remove 1 point of Critical Damage (and its effects) from the target for every 2 points of energy spent. That is to say, if the target had taken 6 points of Critical Damage, the wearer could expend 6 points of energy from the Bracers and heal the target of 3 of those Critical Effects. This use of the Bracers inflicts 1d5 Corruption Points on both the wearer and the target.


These bracers were given to Jill Morales by Toxic Pete of The Hub, before she set out for Black Mesa with Carterius and the rest of the party.

Carcosan Bracers

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