Carcosan Reyn-Bow

A baroque, and obviously technological, heavy crossbow, which fits ferrous bolts into a large, rotating cylinder. It is equipped with a scope atop a humming flywheel that crackles with power, located behind the cylinder.

weapon (ranged)

Class: Basic (Primitive)
Damage: 1d10+6 E
Range: 30m
Pen.: 6
ROF: S/-/-
Clip: 6
Reload: 2 Full
Wt.: 6 kg

Traits and Special Properties

Recharge: The weapon requires 1 Round to recharge its powercell between each firing. In what manner or method it does so is unclear, as it does not require a powercell or external energy source. The railgun will not operate if this is not observed.

Power Field: When fired, the railgun accelerator shields each bolt in a crackling field of energy, similar in appearance and function to a power weapon. This field increases the weapon’s Penetration to 6 and removes the Primitive quality from its attacks.

Shock: The bolts fired by the crossbow are imbued with a powerful electrical charge. Targets injured by the bolts must pass a Toughness Test, -5 for every point of damage scored, or be Stunned for 1d10 Rounds.

War-Spirit: By using the optical sight on the crossbow, the War-Spirit’s targeter’s can be engaged. This provides a +30 BS when using a full-round Aim action. However, the profane War-Spirit inflicts 1 Corruption Point on the firer.

Wrathful: If the user does not use the War-Spirit targeter and misses their shot, the War-Spirit becomes enraged. The wielder must pass a Difficult (-10) Willpower Test or will be forced to Aim at the target on the following two rounds before firing on the third. Note that the first of these rounds is the recharge period for the weapon, and the second round grants the +30 Aim bonus on the third round, when the wielder may fire. This inflicts 1d5 Corruption Points on the wielder.


This railgun-turned-crossbow was gifted to Lorelei by Toxic Pete for her part in retrieving an artifact that fell from space in Black Mesa.

Carcosan Reyn-Bow

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