Get Out of Trouble Free Card

A thin wafer of bright red plastic, no bigger than a playing card


This item appears to be a thin wafer of plastic, bright red in color, that bears the following inscription in plain, black text on one surface:

“Get Out of Trouble Free! This card entitles the bearer to get out of trouble, of any kind, for any reason, once. By using this card, the bearer is absolved of all responsibilities and penalties associated with the source of Trouble (as defined by the bearer).”

Using this card allows the bearer to avoid a single source of trouble (execution, imprisonment, torture, combat, paying fines they can’t afford, unwanted pregnancies or wedding unions, etc.) and absolve him or herself of all associated responsibility, penalty or cost. Using the card does inflict 5 Corruption Points on the bearer, however, and does not affect their companions or associates, if they, too, should be involved in the source of Trouble.


This item was delivered by Toxic Pete of the Hub to Tsac, following his role in recovering the Void-farer from Black Mesa.

Get Out of Trouble Free Card

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