Grey Device

A featureless, worn cube made of an unknown, metallic substance.


The Grey Device is a featureless, worn cube of an unknown metallic substance. Though it has no obvious means of doing so, its surface occasionally glows with cryptic runes and sigils of unknown origin and meaning. It is neither electrically nor thermally conductive, and is entirely psychically inert, though it can be subjected to certain psychic powers, such as telekinesis (to move or carry it, for example.). It’s main use, however, is as a prognostication device. In order for this function to activate, however, it must be attached to some form of power source, usually by means of induction pads or direct contact.

Once powered, the Grey Device will ping, beep, hum and display odd symbols and characters on its six surfaces. The individual using the device must focus his or her attention on the device for a full 5 minutes (narrative time) and pose inquiries along a specific task or subject of inquiry. At the end of this duration, the device falls silent and inert for a full night and day, and cannot be reactivated during this time

While performing their query, the user may pose a number of questions to the Grey Device. Each question causes the device to react in some way, whether that is with a hum, ping, beep, flashing symbols or some combination of all of these things.

The Querant may ask up to five questions of the Grey Device per use. Each question improves any skill test by +5 related to the line of questioning. Each question also inflicts 1d5 Insanity Points and 1d5 Corruption Points on the Querant. The bonus lasts for a full day and a night, so the device must be used several times in the case of extended investigations, crafting tests, and so on. Actually following the advice it grants (thus using the bonus) inflicts a further 1d5 Corruption and Insanity.

The Grey Device is absolutely power-hungry, and once it has fallen dormant once again, whatever power source it was attached to is entirely drained and destroyed, rendered into complete non-functionality. It is thus advised not to attach it to a Tech-Priest’s potentia coil.


The Grey Device was given to Dino by Toxic Pete, prior to the journey to the Black Mesa.

Grey Device

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