Harlequin's Tears

A small vial of a pale, sweetly-scented silvery oil.


Despite being described as the pheromones of an Eldar Harlequin, they are not. They are not even the tears of one, despite their colloquial name. In fact, what this substance actually is defies analysis and categorization. Whether it is Xeno or Daemonic in origin is unknown, and those who make use of this potent perfume are not generally the sorts to inquire too closely. Regardless of their origins, the Harlequin’s Tears are of significant value to those who ply the trades of intrigue and subterfuge.

The Harlequin’s Tears can be used in one of three ways. Regardless of the method employed, they inflict 1d10 Corruption Points on the user. A typical vial contains enough doses for six uses but, in every case, they must be applied with the tip of an ungloved finger.

Air of Mystery: This function requires the wearer to place a dab of the Harlequin’s Tears behind each ear. After a few moments, the wearer finds his or her hearing greatly enhanced, able to pick out subtle nuance and meaning in conversations, as well as better able to hear whispered secrets. The user also finds him- or herself greatly attractive to others, able to command attention and catch the eye and ear of anyone he or she should meet.

This use of the Harlequin’s Tears provides the user with a +30 bonus on all Interaction tests, including when using Influence overtly. This bonus is reduced to +15 when using Influence subtly. It also grants the user the Heightened Senses: Hearing Talent. These bonuses last for up to 6 hours, or until the Tears are washed off by wine or alcohol.

Silver Tongue: This function requires the wearer to place a few drops on his or her tongue. This greatly enhances the user’s sense of taste, providing the Heightened Senses: Taste Talent, as well as providing a +20 bonus to Carouse tests, as well as a +20 bonus to resist poisons, toxins, or other negative effects from ingested sources. It also allows the user to detect poisons in food and drink automatically. Lastly, this function grants the user +30 to all Interaction tests via the spoken word, as the Harlequin’s Tears seem to grant the user a silver tongue.

This use of the Harlequin’s Tears lasts for 1d6 hours, or until cleansed from the tongue by effervescent spring water.

Harlequin’s Kiss: This function requires the user to place a few drops on his or her lips. Once applied, it grants half the bonuses as the Silver Tongue function above (+10 bonuses, plus Heightened Senses: Taste), and also allows the user to deliver the Harlequin’s Kiss to an unsuspecting victim. Delivering the kiss requires either appropriate role-playing to set up, or a successful unarmed grapple attempt. If successful, the victim must pass both a Hard (-20) Toughness and Willpower test.

If the Toughness test fails, the victim passes into a coma for 1d10 hours, and cannot be awoken by any means short of spending a Fate Point.

If the Willpower test is failed, the victim falls under the user’s spell, and will perform almost any action requested of them. Such is the nature of the enchantment that the victim considers the user to be their closest friend and confidant while the power is in effect, and will not willingly misinterpret their commands (unless very poorly phrased). If ordered to do something obviously suicidal, the victim is permitted another Willpower test (no penalties) to resist the command and break the enchantment.

The effect of Harlequin’s Kiss lasts 1d10 hours.


This item was given to Havlock by Toxic Pete before the journey to Black Mesa.

Harlequin's Tears

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