Last Word Needle Pistol

A side-arm for the Vindicare Assassins of Talis

weapon (ranged)

Like the Voice of Reason sniping rifle, the Last Word needle-pistol is crafted by the GunRunner Forge under the auspices of an ancient contract and the strictest oaths of silence.

The Last Word is a finely-crafted needlepistol, to be used by the Vindicare in case of discovery or when needing to deal with a target up in close-quarters. It uses a high-intensity, nearly-invisible laser to deliver an armor-piercing adamantium flechette dart dosed with the assassin’s choice of toxins to a target. It is an almost silent weapon, perfect for close-range kills in populated areas.

Class Range RoF Damage Type Pen Clip Reload Wt. Special
Exotic 30m – /3/ – 1d10 R 3 60 1 Full 3kg Accurate, Reliable, Toxic*

Note: The Toxic Quality of the weapon is dependent on having a canister of standard, broad-spectrum toxins installed in the weapon. If the assassin should so choose, the effects of another drug can be delivered instead. In such case, ignore the Toxic quality of the weapon and, instead, deliver a single dose of the drug in question for every wounding hit (maximum of 3 per shot) that is scored.


This weapon is crafted by the GunRunner Forge only by special order for those who have the means and methods to contract them to construct a weapon for a Vindicare Assassin. The GunRunners know who these people are by face, name and reputation.

Those who have tried to order one of these weapons without proper authorization vanished without a trace and were never heard from again. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Last Word Needle Pistol

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