Masque of the Queen's Feast

A polished silver mask that resembles a woman's face, with black, glassy eyes and a yellow ribbon to tie it on


This is a mask made of beaten silver and polished to a mirror finish, reminiscent of those worn by noblewomen to a masquerade ball. The eyes are covered with thin, faceted wafers of a polished green-black stone, similar to obsidian. It is fastened by way of delicate lace strings that fasten around the head. The Masque is vaguely feminine in appearance, but is cold and slightly disturbing to gaze upon, casting the viewer’s own reflection back at them, as it does, though the curves of the Masque seem to distort such reflections so that those gazing upon the Masque seem to be in great pain or anguish.

The Masque serves a number of functions. Firstly, while the Masque is worn, the character gains a + 20 bonus on Opposed Fellowship tests, and gains a similar bonus against attempts to deceive, charm, seduce or otherwise manipulate the character through Social Interaction Tests. However, the somewhat disturbing appearance of the Masque inflicts a -20 to the wearer’s own attempts to Charm, Deceive or otherwise manipulate others through Social Interactions.

Secondly, while wearing the Masque, the wearer can, as a Free Action, gain their Willpower Bonus as Armor against damage from a Psychic Attack for the cost of 1 Corruption Point, even if the attack normally ignores Armor or psychic defenses. For the cost of 3 Corruption Points, they can engage the attacking Psyker in an Opposed Willpower Test. If the wearer succeeds, they completely resist the effect and also deal 1d10 Impact damage to the Psyker’s head, ignoring Armor. For the cost of 5 Corruption Points, they can force the same Opposed Willpower Test, causing the psychic attack to rebound against the Psyker if the wearer succeeds, in addition to causing 1d10 Impact damage to the Psyker.

Thirdly, the Masque protects the wearer from attacks requiring the gaze of the wearer to meet that of an attacking creature (such as a medusae). The wearer is rendered completely immune to such effects, whether they are damaging or beneficial. Furthermore, the mirrored surface of the Masque has a 20% chance to turn such attacks back on the person or creature generating them.


The Masque was sent to Jill by Toxic Pete for her role in recovering the Void-farer. It is currently kept in her chambers in the keep of King Radical in The Hub,

Masque of the Queen's Feast

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