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Notes on heirarchy of the CotMS from PM w/ Beau


Since there’s no dedicated personal notes area, “Items” it is, this is so I don’t lose track of it like many other archived messages in the 500+ in my Inbox now:

It is an interesting situation, the various ranks and lines of authority within the Cult of the Morning Star. The Sal’Hadrin, and that entire side of the Cult (basically, the holy warriors) are subservient to the Priestesses, though a Sal’Hadrin “outranks” a Novitiate priestess.

At the top of the pile is the Mother Superior, who is the High Priestess of the Cult. At her right hand is the High Warden, who is the senior-most Sal’Hadrin. That is currently Jared Sturm. The Sybils are a separate class entirely. While they are the individuals for whom the cult devotes almost all of its resources (and are why the Sal’Hadrin exist at all), they are placed under the care of specific priestesses (by title, not actual individual people… Sister Tregarde, for example, holds the title of Mistress of Novices, so to her falls the responsibility of the training of the novitiates and the Sybils in the scholastic ways of the Cult, as well as providing general education and life-skills. She is, in a way, a matriarchal figure for all of the trainees. Jared Sturm and the Sal’Hadrin (which is a title for those who have actually graduated the training classes, not all of the temple guards) hold similar ranks of authority over the Sword-Wardens and the Shield-Bearers (junior ranks).

The Sybils are taught that, while they hold the ultimate authority in certain situations, and are taught when and what these situations are, they are told that the Sal’Hadrin live and die in their service, and are sworn to their protection with their very lives. This practice has evolved to having a specific Sal’Hadrin be a specific Sybil’s guardian, though, technically, any Sal’Hadrin is expected to fulfill this duty at a moment’s notice. Should the Sybil come under attack, it is expected for the Sal’Hadrin to die defending the Sybils (though, obviously, it would be preferable for the Sal’Hadrin to kill all the attackers and survive, but, you get the idea). Because of this level of service and obligation, then, the Sybils are expected to mind what the Sal’Hadrin tell them, as it is expected that the Sal’Hadrin always keep the Sybil’s best interests in mind. This has lead to the current state of affairs, where the higher-ranking Sal’Hadrin are not timid about chastising a Sybil, should the Sal’Hadrin feel she deserves it. Of course, priestesses like the Mistress of Novices and the Keeper of the Scrolls (the Mother Superior’s adjutant) can also do so.

So, as Ynnefer’s apprentice, and now a Sal’Hadrin yourself, you’re in sort of a grey area. By common observance, rather than doctrine or dogma, the rank-and-file Sal’Hadrin will not raise a hand to a Sybil, but they will escort her to her assigned guardian or to the Mistress of Novices, or one of the other ranking priestesses (depending on availability and the like). However, there’s no actual stricture against them taking action into their own hands, it’s just simply not usually done by custom.

Now, things are slightly different with Ahymie and Eveline, because of some fairly unique circumstances. Because Jared is Eveline’s guardian, and Carterius (now Ynnefer) Ahymie’s, Jared, Carterius, Ynnefer and Vena were all so close, and inseparable as a team, that all four of them were considered simultaneous guardians of the two Sybils. With Ynnefer taking over for Carterius, and you being Ynnefer’s right-hand girl, you seem to be included in that circle. Certainly both Vena and Jared have been welcoming to you… Vena more obviously so, but you are told (by Ynnefer and Vena) that Jared really likes you, he just isn’t the kind of guy who is going to openly say it.

So… in certain specific circumstances, by doctrine, Ahymie outranks everyone. In most other circumstances, she is under the care and direction of her Sal’Hadrin, who is to act with her best interests at all times. So you have a sort of sometimes-higher, sometimes-lower ranking than Ahymie, as far as the cult is concerned. It’s a tangled web of duties, obligations and protocols.

… though, knowing Ynnefer, if you caught Ahymie and/or Eveline doing something they know they shouldn’t be, the Inquisitrix would probably not be upset if you handled things. She might even applaud you for taking the initiative, and then deal with the Sybil(s) herself directly, as reinforcement.


Yup, totally inappropriate to be here, but it already is, so gonna keep using it. Notes for myself about… shenanigans:

Well… ok. You asked for it… (note to self, I SURE did!)

Jared Sturm has been a Dark Friend for most of his life and is in service to the Blood God. Sisters Danica and Taysa are Slaaneshi cultists. Jocelyn Winterborn is a plant from the Cult of the Revenant Lord. Tycho Garabaldi has ties to the White-Cloaks, as his brother is a Sergeant-At-Arms of the Children of the Light. Two of your Novitiates have been speaking to another one of my ilk, believing it to be an angel of the Saint.

Oh, and your Revered Mother is suffering from age-related dementia, has been for several years now. She will not live to see the Saint reborn.

Notes on CotMS

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