Psykana Mercy Blade

A small, ornate dagger, commonly carried by Imperial Psykers

weapon (melee)

This is a small dagger, approximately ten inches long, designed for Imperial Psykers to commit suicide with should they be under threat of daemonic possession. It features a blade made of polished steel with shallow, rippling serrations along its length and a sharp, armor-piercing point. This version also has a deep bloodwell set along the length of the blade.

The Psykana Mercy Blade has one primary function: to end the life of the Psyker carrying it if they risk possession or insanity through the use of their powers. To that end, the blade has been granted the following profile:

Class Damage PEN Range Special Notes
Melee 1d5+3 R 2 5m Mono, Toxic, Psybane

The weapon does 1d5+3 damage, plus the wielder’s Strength Bonus, to any target stabbed with it. It further delivers a dose of a deadly Toxin with every successful hit, dealing an additional 2d10 damage, ignoring Armor and Toughness, if a Toughness Test is not passed to resist its effects.

If the wielder is a Psyker, stabbing someone with the blade will allow them to regain a number of lost Wounds equal to the score of the d5 rolled when calculating damage. Furthermor, if the target possesses a Psy Rating, they must succeed at an Opposed Willpower Test or reduce their Psy Rating by 1 for a full day. This effect is cumulative.

If the bearer of the blade is a Psyker themselves, any time they generate Psychic Phenomena, they must add +10 to the test. Additionally, they automatically gain 3 Corruption Points for every 9 rolled when manifesting a Psychic Power or Arcana.


This was a gift delivered to Dino’s room in the keep of King Radical in the Hub

Psykana Mercy Blade

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