Red Book of Kitchen Sorcery

An unassuming, nondescript book with a red cover and ivory pages.


This book contains a number of folk remedies, herbal concoctions, teas and poultices that do very little to treat any ailment listed within the book to any great degree. Some will have a beneficial result, though not to any great degree. There is a 10% chance that a supplied recipe will serve any actual use or function, and will require a Trade: Apothecary Test to create. If successful, the treatment will grant a +5 bonus to a character’s Toughness Test to resist a disease or toxin, or to overcome the results of similar maladies.

Hidden within the dross, however, are several Arcana and effective preparations that can be used to a number of effects. These are listed below:

Minor Arcana

Alluring Whispers
Threshold: 11
Focus Time: Full Action
Sustain: Yes
Range: Earshot
The echoing whispers of the Warp amplify your persuasive abilities to preternatural levels.

Anyone who hears and understands the sorcerer must pass an Opposed Willpower Test with the sorcerer (who rolls once and applies the result to all Tests) or become vulnerable to her suggestions, granting a +10 bonus to any Social Interaction test.

Note that this skill is not true mind control, but can be used to overcome good sense, sow discord, alleviate just suspicion and stoke the fires of hatred.

Overbleed: For every 10 points that the power’s Threshold is exceeded, a further +10 is gained to the Social Interaction Tests, to a maximum of +50.

Special: This arcana requires the sorcerer to hold a rose petal, or other sweet-smelling flower, in her clenched fist while enacting or sustaining the power. It requires no other somatic or verbal component, other than the spoken word.

Threshold: 12
Focus Time: Half Action
Sustain: Special
Range: 10 x WP Bonus meters
The Warp befuddles the mind of the weak, bending them to your will.

The sorcerer chooses a single target who can both hear and understand her. The target makes an Opposed Willpower Test against the sorcerer. If the sorcerer wins, the subject is implanted with a simple command by the sorcerer, and will carry out that order to the best of their abilities. Directives that are obviously suicidal or harmful to the subject grant a +20 bonus to their Willpower test. The command must be simple and direct, such as “Bring me that”,“Open that door” or “Let me by”.

If this power is sustained, the sorcerer can continue to issue suggestions to the original target, though the target may not oppose these suggestions unless something should occur to grant the target a bonus to his Willpower. The sorcerer may also give suggestions to other targets, provided they are within range, but suffers a -10 to her Willpower when resolving the tests for each additional target beyond the first.

Overbleed: For every 10 points by which the Threshold is exceeded, the power’s duration is extended by the sorcerer’s WP Bonus in minutes.

Special: This Arcana requires only a simple hand-gesture as a component during its activation, which can be concealed (under a table, for example). Characters with Scholastic Lore: Occult +10 or Forbidden Lore: Sorcery may test PER to determine if they recognize the gestures, if they can see the sorcerer’s hands.

Threshold: 13
Focus Time: Special
Sustain: No
Range: 10 + WP Bonus meters
The sorcerer manipulates the skein of the Warp to bring misfortune upon a single target or target area, such as a house. If used on a single person, the effects of the Hex follow them wherever they go, until the duration expires. If cast upon a location, it affects anyone within the area until its duration expires.

The sorcerer selects a target or a target area and calls down a dreadful hex, invoking ancient names and foul curses. The nature of the Hex is rather open-ended, allowing the sorcerer to curse a target’s Characteristic, Skill use or Talent. Once cast, the sorcerer and the target make Opposed Willpower Tests. If the sorcerer succeeds, the target will suffer a -5 per point of the sorcerer’s Willpower Bonus to any actions involving the stated Characteristic or Skill. If a Talent was named, the effects of the Talent are suppressed for the duration of the power.

If a target area is declared, the sorcerer simply manifests the power. Unless the site possesses some kind of anti-psychic warding or defense, the power takes effect immediately. Targeted areas must possess clear and obvious boundaries, such as a house, a room, an area bordered by a fence or pillars, etc. All persons entering the affected region will suffer the effects of the Hex while in the hexed area.

Overbleed: For ever 10 points by which this power’s Threshold is exceeded, the effect of the Hex lasts an additional day. For every 5 points by which the Threshold is exceeded, the target suffers a -10 to their Test to resist the curse, to a maximum of -30.

Special: This power requires specified chants and invocations for each of its effects. A single effect takes a Half Action to enact, increasing the Focus Time by a Half Action for each additional effect.

Every time the sorcerer attempts to cast a Hex, they must pass a Willpower test or gain 1 Corruption Point.

Major Arcana

Compelling Gaze
Threshold: 25
Focus Time: 1 Full Action
Sustain: No
Range: 10 + Willpower Bonus meters
The sorcerer can enslave the will of another simply by arresting them with her gaze.

To enact this power, the sorcerer must stare into the eyes of the intended target for a full Round and makes a Focus Power Test. The target may attempt to avert or close his eyes by passing an Opposed Willpower Test against the Sorcerer. If the sorcerer wins, the target now treats the sorcerer as a very close friend, willing to do almost anything for them. They will not perform an obviously suicidal action, though they will put themselves into great danger at the sorcerer’s request. “Shoot yourself” is not a valid request but “Go kick that Hellbeast in the face, please” most certainly is.

The effects of this Arcana persist for a number of hours equal to the sorcerer’s Willpower Bonus, and the sorcerer may reinstate the effects of this power at any time. The subject is permitted another chance to resist the effect, though he suffers a -30 to his Willpower. Should the target succeed, however, then he is freed from the sorcerer’s control.

Overbleed: For every 10 points by which the power’s Threshold is exceeded, the target takes a -10 to their Willpower to resist the effect.

Special: This Arcana requires the sorcerer to prepare a special tincture (Difficult Trade: Apothecary) that she will drip into her eyes before casting the Arcana. This tincture causes the sorcerer’s pupils to dilate and her eyes to take on an iridescent glow for an hour.

Kiss of the Siren
Threshold: 20
Focus Time: Half Action
Sustain: Special
Range: Touch
The sorcerer can kill a mortal subject with a kiss, drawing their life-force into themselves to bolster their own life.

The sorcerer makes a Focus Power Test and then attempts to kiss the target. If the target is unwilling, the sorcerer must test WS as normal. If the attack is successful, the target is locked into a battle of fortitude with the sorcerer until they are dead or able to break free.

Once the kiss is established, the target makes an Opposed Toughness Test against the sorcerer’s Willpower every round that the kiss is maintained. If the target scores 2 or more successes, they manage to break free, thus ending the power. If the sorcerer wins, the target takes 1d10 points of Toughness Damage,plus a number of points equal to the sorcerer’s Willpower Bonus, ignoring armor and Toughness. The Unnatural Toughness Trait will reduce this damage by half (for x2) or by two-thirds (for x3). For every round that the kiss is maintained, the Sorcerer may add the target’s current Toughness Bonus to her own Wounds pool

Overbleed: For every 10 points by which the power’s Threshold is exceeded, the sorcerer deals an additional 1d10 + Willpower Bonus of damage each round.

Special: This Arcana requires the sorcerer to imbibe a flask full of a very foul-tasting substance concocted from the rendered remains of a few different sea creatures (Difficult Availability test). This potion takes 1 week to create, requiring a successful Trade: Apothecary test.


The following rituals require a full day to complete, as well as gathering unusual components. While none of them are particularly bloody or overtly debased, they do invoke ancient names and draw power from the Warp.

In every case, they require a Very Difficult Acquisition Test (Barter, Resources or Influence) and 30+4d10 ing. Preparing the components into a usable form requires a successful Trade: Apothecary Test, needing at least 2 degrees of success for successfully completing the formulae. At the completion of the ritual, the caster must make a successful Forbidden Lore: Warp test.

Salve of Healing
This oily balm can be used to quickly heal wounds, staunch bleeding and remove scars, burns and other such injuries. Each ritual can prepare enough to create 1d10 doses of this salve.

If used on an injured subject, it immediately heals 1d5 Wounds of non-Critical damage. It can heal a target of 1 point of Critical Damage, but cannot restore lost limbs. If used on a subject who is suffering from Blood Loss, this salve offers a +20 bonus to staunch the bleeding.

In any event, using this Salve inflicts 1d5 Corruption Points on the patient.

Necrophage Oil
This oil is used to coat weapons for use against the undead. It is particularly effective against lesser undead and those lacking sentience or intelligence. Each ritual can prepare 1d10 doses of this formula.

A melee weapon anointed with this oil gains the Tearing quality when used against creatures with the Necrophage trait. Additionally, Wounds dealt by weapons bearing this oil ignore the Necrotic Tissue or Unnatural Toughness trait of Necrophagi. Once applied, a single dose of this oil remains potent for 15 minutes. Applying it inflicts 1 CP on the user at it soaks into his skin.

Philter of Love
This potion is used to cause the imbiber to fall in love with a desired subject. It is required that the person desiring this change be the one to deliver it to the subject, for its effects are potent, but short-lived. A single ritual can create but 1 of these potions.

This potion causes the imbiber to treat with the next person they see of their race and preferred gender as if they were an object of devotion and worship. While under the effects of the potion, they will do almost anything the other asks, but will do all that they can to remain in their presence, fawn over them, and basically be a romantic sap. This potion is also a powerful aphrodisiac, granting a +20 to Seduction and Charm tests. The effects of this potion last one hour, after which time the bonuses fade, though the person presenting this potion to the object of their desire would be smart to use other, more mundane methods to win the heart of their paramour.

The person drinking this potion takes 1d5 Corruption Points upon doing so.


This book was gifted to Ahymie by Toxic Pete following the successful recovery of the starship from Black Mesa. It was later taken away from her by Jill and returned to Toxic Pete by Ynnefer Stark. Ynnefer Stark later told Seyan Carterius about the book, who learned something of its origins from Ahymie.

Red Book of Kitchen Sorcery

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