A custom sniping rifle from the GunRunner Forge

weapon (ranged)
Type Damage PEN ROF Clip Reload Range Weight Notes
Basic SP 2d10 +4 6 S/2/- or S/3/- 10 2 Rounds 200m 9.5 kg Tearing, Best-Quality

The Stormstrike includes custom furniture, a scope, a folding bi-pod, 5 spare magazines and a spare barrel. It also includes a black, waterproof carry-bag made of oiled krayt hide.

The Stormstrike is custom-built for a specific, individual user. In normal scenarios, the custom furniture grants the firer a +20 bonus to hit. If anyone other than the person the gun was built for attempts to fire it, the custom furniture inflicts a -30 penalty to the attack roll.

When using the bi-pod appropriately, the weapon is considered braced, and is capable of quick follow-up shots, permitting the user to fire twice in a round. Bracing the weapon in this way also improves its attack bonus by +10 (total of +30).

The rifle is also capable of firing in burst-mode, though in order to do this the fore-barrel must be removed and the bi-pod stowed. When used in this manner, the attack bonus of the rifle drops to +10 and its range to 30 meters, but it can be fired on the move in this configuration. It takes 2 rounds to assemble/disassemble the rifle into or out of this configuration.

The rifle fires custom heavy stubber rounds, which can be acquired from the GunRunners at a cost of 75 ing per round. When firing standard heavy stubber rounds, it loses the Tearing special quality.


This weapon was custom-built by the GunRunner Forge of the Hub for Havlock.


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