Symbiote Armor

A black ooze that hardens into a chitinous shell over the wearer


The Symbiotic Armor begins life as a glossy black, viscous liquid contained in a large (2L) metal canister of unknown origin. The Symbiote may be worn only over bare flesh, and will conform to the wearer’s shape after placing a hand into the container. It forms a latex-like covering over the user, dull, non-reflective black in color, with hardened, chitin-like sections on the torso, shoulders, forearms and legs of the wearer.

Putting the armor on or taking the armor off requires 3 Full Rounds as it oozes over the bearer’s body and hardens into its protective shell. During this process, the Symbiote attaches microscopic feeding tubes to the target’s skin, leaching out small amounts of blood, lymph and other vital essences from the wearer. This costs the wearer 1 Wound, which cannot be healed for as long as the symbiote is worn.

While worn, the Symbiote grants 4 AP to all locations. Due to its unusual composition, it provides half its AP value against psychic or daemonic attacks that normally ignore armor. It also adds +20 to the wearer’s Toughness tests to resist poisons, toxins and disease. It further adds +20 to the wearer’s Silent Move and Concealment tests. It renders the user completely invisible to any technological means of detection, including cameras, auspex systems, and similar devices. It reduces the ability of observers to detect the wearer by purely visual means by -20. The suit also adds +20 to the wearer’s Climb tests. Finally, the Symbiotic Armor provides 10 points of Radiation Resistance to the wearer.

The facemask formed by the Symbiote acts as a Good Quality photovisor and a rebreather, though it does not require a separate air canister. It can function underwater as well, though when used in this manner it can provide oxygen to the wearer for a number of hours equal to their Toughness Bonus.

For the cost of 1 Corruption Point, the Symbiote can enhance the wearer’s physical abilities for 1d10 minutes. It can provide the following benefits, though each additional benefit inflicts an additional Corruption Point:

  • Add 4 to the wearer’s Initiative

  • Add 20 to the wearer’s Agility, Strength or Toughness

  • Grant the effects of a PreySense Mask (Low-Light vision, Anti-dazzle, + 20 PER, reduce all range penalties by 20)

  • +2 Damage with melee weapons or unarmed attacks

  • Extend claws from the fingers, treated as a Monoknife (1d5R, Pen 2)

  • Grant the Toxic quality to the claws extended from the glove

For the cost of 3 Corruption Points, the Symbiote can perform the following functions once per day:

  • Restore 1d5 Wounds to the target immediately

  • Enact the Psychic Power Regenerate for 1d10 Rounds, provided the wearer succeeds at a Hard (-20) Willpower test.

  • Grant the wearer the effects of a single dose of Stimm, Slaught or Spook. The Symbiote can generate this effect once per day per type.

The Symbiote Armor was given to Gopher by Toxic Pete following the successful acquisition of the starship.

Symbiote Armor

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