Vial of Dreamless Sleep

A glass vial containing several ounces of a thick, purplish syrup that bears a strong medicinal scent.


This chemical defies all attempts at analysis, though it does react quite strongly to all chemical agitants. Doing so creates a cloud of gas 10 meters in diameter per dose, or portion thereof, used in such analysis. This gas causes all caught within it to fall asleep as if they had taken a dose of the drug themselves. The cloud persists for 1d10 minutes, regardless of prevalent weather conditions.

This drug is often sought by those suffering from severe insomnia, visions, hallucinations, lucid dreams, nightmares and similar maladies,for the Vial of Dreamless Sleep provides exactly that: 12 hours of deep, dreamless sleep.

The sleep provided by this drug is profound. Once a dose is taken, the imbiber will fall into a deep, dreamless sleep for 12 hours. No known effect or condition can awaken the subject until this time has passed. The user will experience no dreams, nightmares or visions of any kind, though will exhibit signs of REM activity throughout the experience. Why this is so is unknown, for brain-scans of users show no signs of normal dreaming activity.

How this drug works, or by what means it quells troubled sleep, is unknown, although it is believed that continued use of this drug ultimately exacerbates the effect. Every dose after the third used by a subject, regardless of the period of time between doses, inflicts 1d5 Corruption Points and 1d5 Insanity Points.


Vial of Dreamless Sleep

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