Aard Sign

The Aard Sign allows the Caster to channel telekinetic force at a target. In this way, it can be used to batter, stun or bowl over a target, or smash through obstacles. Casting this Sign requires a free hand and is considered a Half-Action Attack.

When used in combat, the Caster selects a target and makes an Opposed Willpower Test. Success indicates that the target takes 1d10 I damage and is pushed back from the Caster 1m for every degree by which the test was failed. The target must also pass a Toughness Test or be knocked over.

Focus Time: Half Action (Psychic Attack)
Range: 5 + WP Bonus meters
Duration: 1 Round
Sustained: No
Effect: One target
Skill +10: Increase base Range by 5m. Increase damage by + 3. Target suffers -10 to Toughness test.
Skill +20: Increase base Range by 5m. Increase damage to 1d10 + 3 + WP Bonus. Target suffers -20 to Toughness test. Wave is now 5m wide at farthest end, affecting all targets caught within its area of effect.

When used against inanimate objects, the Caster suffers a -10 penalty to his WP test for every 10 points of “Health” the target possesses (i.e., a wall with 40 SDP inflicts a -40 on the WP test). There is no limit to the penalty an object’s durability and mass can inflict on this test. If the test is successful, the affected object is knocked down and thrown back 1m for every degree of success.

Aard Sign

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