Alluring Whispers

Threshold: 11
Focus Time: Full Action
Sustain: Yes
Range: Earshot
The echoing whispers of the Warp amplify your persuasive abilities to preternatural levels.

Anyone who hears and understands the sorcerer must pass an Opposed Willpower Test with the sorcerer (who rolls once and applies the result to all Tests) or become vulnerable to her suggestions, granting a +10 bonus to any Social Interaction test.

Note that this skill is not true mind control, but can be used to overcome good sense, sow discord, alleviate just suspicion and stoke the fires of hatred.

Overbleed: For every 10 points that the power’s Threshold is exceeded, a further +10 is gained to the Social Interaction Tests, to a maximum of +50.

Special: This arcana requires the sorcerer to hold a rose petal, or other sweet-smelling flower, in her clenched fist while enacting or sustaining the power. It requires no other somatic or verbal component, other than the spoken word.

Alluring Whispers

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