Apollo N'bu

Saint Apollo N’bu was said to be a herald or messenger, and is attributed with being the first of the Saints to be revealed to Talis. He is commonly depicted with a book and stylus, and it is held that when he spoke, even the distant stars heard his words, and hastened to obey. In the tales, he is commonly depicted as traveling impossibly swiftly between distant points to deliver warnings and announcements to his allies or herald the destruction of his foes. He is considered to be the saint of travels and journeys, and the bearer of joyous news. His name is often invoked at the outset and end of any journey by the faithful.

This Saint is especially venerated by the Children of the Purifying Light and the Temple of the Emperor’s Grace.


The faithful of Apollo N’bu hold that his sacred relics are still upon Talis. In fact, one has already been recovered, and is currently held at his temple in Eagle’s Rest. His prophesied incarnate is called the “Wanderer”. His cult in Eagle’s Rest maintains a heavily-fortified manse in which they house the Wanderer, of which one is currently alive.

Book of Names: A large tome bound in a hardy leather of blue material, taken from some unknown creature. Its pages are thin sheaves of beaten adamantine. It is said that it holds all manner of marvelous sciences and technologies. Not surprisingly, the Adeptus Mechanicus has declared it a source of tech-heresy, and have also posted a sizable bounty for its capture.

Boots of Travel: A pair of knee-high leather boots, ultramarine in color, often depicted as being similar to those worn with carapace armor.

Crown of Abu: A crown of silver and gold, set about with numerous horns and tines, inlaid with lapis lazuli and sapphires.

Apollo’s Robe: A long, blue robe featuring armored panels bearing depictions of a book, a quill, and palm leaves. From several images created after his martyrdom, found scattered across Talis, this robe actually appears to be an entire uniform of clothing, possibly originating from the Adeptus Telepathica.

Quill of the Blessed Messenger: This quill is rumored to be very large, blue in color with a gleaming golden tip. It is said that it never writes anything but the truth and, also, that anything written by the Saint came to pass, exactly as he wrote it. Unfortunately, none of the records he wrote during the war survived, so this theory cannot be tested.

Apollo N'bu

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