Ariasai Solistramos

Ariasai, Sai as she is known, was born in Gunmetal Hive on Scintilla in the Calixis Sector. The first few years of her life were spent in the deepest, darkest reaches of the Underhive. Already accustomed to scavenging for food, she soon took to a life of murder-for-hire, and probably would have died at a young age had her mother not died of a drug overdose two days before Inquisitor Revan Solistramos (who had been watching her from afar) arrived and took her away from the Hive. Though she did not know it, the Lord Inquisitor was her uncle.

She was raised amongst the instructors and trainers of her uncle’s starship, the Vindicator of Faith, tended mostly by the Inquisitor’s favored Interrogator, Exanami Sun. When she was old enough, she joined the Lord Inquisitor’s retinue as an Assassin. With the rest of his band of Acolytes, they began investigating a possible Xenos threat on Malfi. When the investigation grew larger, revealing a plot involving the cloned mind of an alpha-plus Psyker, she followed her uncle and his retinue in the prosecution of the Armacham Technology Consortium. It was during one of these missions that she was nearly killed by an Armacham Tech-Priest, Genvieve Aristede, and left for dead. However, she was rescued by Terry Halford, a Magos Cybernetica, and rebuilt into a cyborg killing machine. Though most of her humanity and her sanity was lost following her investiture into the armored shell of a combat cyborg, the mission was ultimately successful and Armacham was destroyed. Upon successful completion of the mission, she was accepted into the Vindicare Temple at the age of 17.

After she graduated, she joined Inquisitor Sun’s retinue and set out to crush the final pockets of Armacham resistance. During the purgation, they discovered that the Consortium had made contact with a powerful Xenos race, and had been selling Imperial lives to the Xenos, in exchange for technology and dark, forbidden knowledge. Chasing clues from one end of the Sector to the other, as well as several points outside the Calixis sector, the Inquisition was victorious in the end, though the cost was high. The Acolytes had chanced to meet Sammael Solistramos, twin brother to Revan, and Sai’s true father. The Champion of Tzeentch had promised the Acolytes aid, as his plans were threatened by the Xenos incursion as well.

In the final battle at the massive Monolith found hidden in the Hazeroth Abyss, Inquisitor Sun, her Interrogator, and several members of her retinue, including Sai, were lost in battle. Though her cybernetic body was cripped, her father’s warband, a faction of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion, intervened and whisked her away from the dying Monolith and its Necron creators. Once aboard his flagship, the servants of Chaos escaped the battle and vanished into the Warp. By what means or rituals her body and mind were returned to her, none can say, though a year later, she reappeared in the Calixis Sector, once again wearing the flesh of a human woman, but no longer a servant of the Inquisition, for she had turned, wholly and completely, to the service of Chaos as a champion of Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure.

The last time she was seen in the Calixis Sector was in the early years of Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade, staging a lightning raid on the Inquisitorial Tricorn Palace of Scintilla. She struck hard and fast, using her knowledge of the Inquisition and its codes, to gain access to the quarters she and Exanami Sun once shared. What, exactly, her purpose was is unknown to this day, though it is reported that she destroyed all the records she could find of her cybernetic resurrection, stole several relics and files recovered by her team during their investigation, and kidnapped Magos Halford. Then, she fled using an agile space-craft identified as a raider of Eldar construction. Neither she nor Magos Halford have been seen in the Calixis Sector since.

Now, she and her father are on Talis, having come here to ensure that the world falls utterly to Chaos, though whether she aids the forces of Slaanesh or those of her father, and thus Tzeentch, is unknown. What is known is that she has taken an interest in the relics of seven saints who once walked this world, and is using any means at her disposal to collect them.

Ariasai Solistramos

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