Axii Sign

The Axii Sign is used to beguile and charm targets. Casting this Sign is a Full Round Action.

To cast the Sign, the Sal’Hadrin selects a target within WP Bonus meters and makes an Opposed WP Test. If the Sal’Hadrin succeeds, the target considers the Sal’Hadrin a close, personal friend and will do much to assist him, including aiding him in combat against the target’s former allies. Creatures with the Undead, Warp Creature, Daemonic or Machine Traits are immune to the effects of this Sign. Additionally, mindless creatures are also immune. The target reverts to its previous allegiances as soon as the power ends. Any target affected by the Axii Sign cannot be affected by the same Sign cast by the same Sal’Hadrin for a full day after the effects of the Sign end.

Focus Time: Half Action (Psychic Attack)
Range: WP Bonus in meters
Duration: WP Bonus Rounds, +1 Round per degree of success
Sustained: No
Effect: One or more targets, no two of which may be more than 3m apart.
Skill +10: Affect 1 additional target, increase minimum duration by 1 Round
Skill +20: Affect 1 additional target (3 in total), double the base range of the Sign, increase minimum duration by 1 Round

Outside of combat, the Axii Sign can be used to grant the Sal’Hadrin a +20 FEL bonus in Social Interaction tests. However, a single target manipulated in this manner can be subject to the Axii Sign only once per day, regardless of whether or not the test succeeds. As above, the Sal’Hadrin makes an Opposed WP Test against the target. Success grants the listed bonus, while failure reduces the target’s Attitude towards the Sal’Hadrin by one degree. When used in this manner, the Sal’Hadrin can induce the target to perform, to the best of its ability, a single, relatively simple task of short duration. Example commands include “Open this door”, “Go away”, “Give me a better price” and so on.

Axii Sign

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