Bartertown Oasis

The Bartertown Oasis is a sprawling camp of bandits, traders, slavers, outlaws, mercenaries, whores, scum and villainy located north-north-east of The Hub. It is built around one of the largest sources of free-standing water in the Wastelands, and is jealously guarded by the ne’er-do-wells that reside around it.

It is said that absolutely anything can be bought in Bartertown… for a price. Of all the dwellings of Man on the face of Talis, Bartertown is the wildest. No law save for the speed of your draw holds weight in Bartertown. It is ruled by a collection of crime-lords, who have divided the city between their forces, each having their fingers in a dozen criminal enterprises spread throughout the Wastelands.

Bartertown does, however, provide several valuable services to the Wastelands. First and foremost, the War-Cults purchase numerous slaves to feed the ever-hungry war-machine in the north. Secondly, Bartertown has mercenaries for hire to perform almost any job. For the right amount of coin and spoils, entire regiments of bandits can be levied as an irregular militia and sent to harry and harass the Orks and the forces of Chaos. Many of these bandits-turned-soldiers have proven surprisingly effective as raiders and harriers, blunting the advance of the Xeno and the Corrupted, and forcing them to devote troops to defending their rear camps and supply-lines.

Cults of a hundred different stripes operate in and around Bartertown, apostate fragments of the larger, established cults of Talis. In others, Men pray in blasphemous tongues, or worship the gods of aliens, or of faiths long-forgotten to the mists of history. Doom-sayers and desert prophets roam the streets, screaming their predictions and radiation-inspired dreams to any who will listen. Vampyres and Bruxxa stalk the streets at night, ensconced safely behind brick walls and armies of loyal retainers during the light of day.

Bartertown Oasis

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