Caer Uruk

Caer Uruk is the ancestral hold of the Cult of the Morning Star. It is a pre-War Imperial Temple constructed about a century before the end of the War of Seven Saints. It is built of a local stone high in metallic mineral content, giving it the appearance of burnished copper, complemented with white marble columns. Surviving records and accounts maintain that it was a breathtakingly beautiful building, described as “regal and stately, demonstrating in visual appeal the quiet strength and beauty inherent in the Saint Incarnate, void of the oppressive menace that certain other places of worship exhibit.” It is located high in the mountains to the east of the Hub, south and east of Thracia.

The temple itself was quite large, featuring a long cathedral with vaulted ceilings that stood twenty meters high. The cathedral was dominated by a fifteen-meter statue of the Saint in her battle-raiment with a great aquila of beaten copper held in one hand. A pair of halls ran alongside the cathedral, serving as cells for the priestesses and initiates in residence, stacked four stories high. Behind the cathedral sat the baptismal chamber, a large, polished stone basin fed by a thermal spring. Beyond this, to the rear of the building, were several floors of meditation chambers, classrooms, an armory and training halls.

Surrounding the temple itself were several outbuildings, including a large stable, work-sheds, a grain silo, a smoke-house, and other constructions necessary for the sufficiency of the temple complex. It also featured a firing range for the training of its warrior-monks and the Frateris Militia. The temple grounds were home to an extensive cemetery, burying the faithful, war-dead and fallen Sal’Hadrin and other members of the clergy. On four separate occasions during the War, it was attacked by the forces of the Arch-Enemy, but in each case it defeated them and, in one battle, slew the Khornate Champion Laerun Maelred.

The temple survived the War relatively unscathed, and was the seat of power for the Cult of the Morning Star and their veneration of the Saint Inanna As’Ishtar for a thousand years. In 1015 AW, it was attacked and torched by unknown forces, the Cult of the Morning Star suffering over 70% casualties and forced to flee to the Hub.

Caer Uruk

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