Caress of Inanna

Threshold: 7
Focus Time: 1 Round
Sustain: No
Range: Touch

The Sorceress can restore vigor to the weary with the touch of her hand.

The caster invokes the name of the Saint Inanna As’Ishtar, makes a Sorcery Test, and touches one target. If the target is willing, then the Arcana takes effect, removing 1 level of Fatigue per point of the Sorceress’ WP bonus. Any additional levels of Fatigue removed will act as a buffer against additional Fatigue for 1 hour. For example, if a target with 2 levels of Fatigue receives this Arcana from a Sorceress with a WP Bonus of 6, the target is cured of 2 levels of Fatigue and, for the next hour, can ignore the first 4 levels of Fatigue he would otherwise take.

If the target is not willing, they may make an opposed Willpower Test against the Sorceress. If the target wins, the Arcana has no effect. If the Sorceress wins, it has the above effect.

This Arcana may be cast on a target several times in a row, though the effects persist for only 1 hour. Every time it is cast, however, the effects of the power replace those from a previous casting, so it is not possible to “stack up” levels of Fatigue resistance.

Caress of Inanna

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