Celestial Hills

Population: 13,300
Industries: Agriculture, Ranching, Mining, Water-production
Government: Oligarchy
Religion: Temple of the Emperor’s Grace

Celestial Hills is a small farming community located in the south-western area of The Reach. It survives through regular harvests of redwheat, mut-fruit, and grox ranching, which it trades to surrounding communities for other goods, as well as sending a regular tithe to King Radical of The Hub. Its most valuable resource, however, is the spring water pumped from beneath the town by ancient, arcane machines. The mountains to the north of the city are rich in iron and copper ore, though the mines are dangerous and these resources are not greatly exploited. Panners and scratch-miners bring in small supplies of ore from the mountain streams above the town. As the largest town in the region, it also serves as something of a trade hub, though most caravans pass through on their way to Deacon’s Ferry and, ultimately, the Hub.

Celestial Hills was built around the ruins of a pre-War religious community, dominated by a white obsilite chapel. Sheltered in a draw of the mountains, it survived the worst of the nuclear blasts that destroyed the Hives and most of the surrounding countryside. Beneath the town, ancient machines still pump fresh water from an underground spring, providing fresh water for its people and the cultivation of its crops. The town’s market-square features local goods as well as goods brought in by traveling traders.

Places of Note

The Twin Eagles Hostel and Bank – A hotel and bank, owned by Mayor Teodore Thorpe, built out of the chapel.
Mama’s Kitchen- A restaurant found on the ground floor of the Twin Eagles, run by Teodore’s mother, “Mama” Thorpe. The food is tasty, the portions generous, and the local beer is on tap for an ing. Mama, however, tolerates no nonsense, horseplay or gallivanting in her restaurant. Breakfast is served at 08:30, Lunch at noon and dinner at 21:00.
Havault’s Forge- A basic smithery. Havault spends most of his times fixing farming implements, horseshoes, and wagons. He also sharpens knives, swords and axes, but has no talent with power weapons, lasguns or other high-tech devices. He can, if convinced, fix a slug-thrower, though.
Doc Braun’s Clinic- Attending to all of Celestial Hills’ medical needs, Doc Braun possesses rudimentary medical training, having been a corpsman in the Thracian Militia some thirty years ago.
Militia Barracks- This large building serves as a mess hall, armory, storage warehouse and barracks for Celestial Hills’ militia. While it can house over a thousand people in a pinch, it is currently configured to offer bunk-space for a hundred.

Persons of Note

“Mama” Thorpe
Teodore Thorpe
“Doctor” Heinrich Braun
Havault Goodemann
Madame Selene Dravia
Gustav Thicke


Temple of the Emperor’s Grace
Followers of the Apocalypse

Celestial Hills

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