Chant of the Paladin

This is a powerful Major Arcana, considered to be one of the Sacred Arcana by the Cult of the Morning Star.

Threshold: 20
Duration: 1+WP Bonus Rounds
Range: WP Bonus meters radius circle, centered on You
Requirements: None
Sustainable: No

This arcana allows the Sorcerer to shield himself and his allies from the daemon and the aberrant. It creates a magical ward around the caster, extending outwards to the listed range, and moves with the caster. However, the nature of the ward is such that the caster, while so protected, may only walk, though he may still make Attack actions. While the Ward is active, the Sorcerer chants prayers to Inanna, the Seven Saints, and the God-Emperor. Thus, while ward is active, the Sorcerer may not speak to anyone else, issue commands, or engage in social interaction.

While the ward is active, it defends all those inside of its boundaries from the attacks of creatures with the Daemon, Undead, Aberrant or Warp Creature qualities. If one or more of these creatures attempts to enter the bounded area, it must engage the Sorcerer in an Opposed WP test. If it fails, the creature takes 1d10 damage per degree by which it lost the test. This damage ignores Armor and any protections caused by Psychic effects, Daemonic Aura, and similar effects. If it fails by 3 or more degrees of success, the Sorcerer may also add his WP bonus to the damage. Daemons and Warp Creatures killed by this effect are banished to the Warp for at least 1 year and 1 day.

It also renders all within the circle immune to gaze attacks, breath weapons, mind-affecting compulsions and similar attacks launched by the same sort of creature. It provides similar protection against Psychic Attacks and attacks with the Warp or Psychic quality. It provides no protection against mundane physical attacks, however (thus, a Daemon may not be able to enter the circle, nor would it be able to attack someone within the circle with its claws, but the circle does not prevent it from using a mundane firearm to shoot at those within the circle.).

Chant of the Paladin

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