You were born in one of the few surviving population centers of decent size, bustling trade-towns filled with survivors from every walk of life. Huntsmen, herdsmen, tradesmen, caraveneers, soldiers (both private or in the employ of the city itself), lawmen, priests and mystics, and even the rare member of the Tech Priests rubbed shoulders in the many bars, shops and businesses of the city. To be a resident of one of the cities of this world is to know a degree of relative safety found nowhere else, with strong walls and brave men and women atop them with rifles and las-guns to keep the raiders and the monsters away. In exchange for this, you worked a trade, apprenticing yourself to some shop or another, whether that shop was a legal business or part of the criminal underworld that appears wherever humans gather.

City-Slickers begin play with the following Traits:

  • Tradesman: You were apprenticed to some craftsman or tradesman of some sort, in order to make yourself useful to the society you were born in. You gain a single Trade skill of your choice, as well as the Dodge skill.

  • Superior Origins: City-Slickers know that of all the towns on Talis, theirs is the most beloved of the Saints. City-Slickers increase their WP by +5.

  • Educated: Life in one of the cities of the world bears a passing resemblance to half-remembered legends of life before the bombs. You begin play with the skills Literacy, Common Lore: Talis, and Common Lore: War. You also treat the Tech-Use skill as a Basic Skill.

  • Accustomed to Crowds: You are accustomed to the press of bodies and busy streets of the cities of Talis. You can move through the densest of crowds with ease. City-Slickers do not treat crowds as Difficult Terrain, and when Running or Charging through a dense crowd, City-Slickers take no penalty to the Agility Test to keep their feet.

City-Slickers generate attributes using the following tables:

2d10+ 20 20 20 15 20 20 20 20 25

Starting Wounds: 1d10+3

D10 Roll 1-4 5-8 9-0
Fate Points 1 2 3

Starting Wealth: 3d10+120 ing


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