Compelling Gaze

Threshold: 25
Focus Time: 1 Full Action
Sustain: No
Range: 10 + Willpower Bonus meters
The sorcerer can enslave the will of another simply by arresting them with her gaze.

To enact this power, the sorcerer must stare into the eyes of the intended target for a full Round and makes a Focus Power Test. The target may attempt to avert or close his eyes by passing an Opposed Willpower Test against the Sorcerer. If the sorcerer wins, the target now treats the sorcerer as a very close friend, willing to do almost anything for them. They will not perform an obviously suicidal action, though they will put themselves into great danger at the sorcerer’s request. “Shoot yourself” is not a valid request but “Go kick that Hellbeast in the face, please” most certainly is.

The effects of this Arcana persist for a number of hours equal to the sorcerer’s Willpower Bonus, and the sorcerer may reinstate the effects of this power at any time. The subject is permitted another chance to resist the effect, though he suffers a -30 to his Willpower. Should the target succeed, however, then he is freed from the sorcerer’s control.

Overbleed: For every 10 points by which the power’s Threshold is exceeded, the target takes a -10 to their Willpower to resist the effect.

Special: This Arcana requires the sorcerer to prepare a special tincture (Difficult Trade: Apothecary) that she will drip into her eyes before casting the Arcana. This tincture causes the sorcerer’s pupils to dilate and her eyes to take on an iridescent glow for an hour.

Compelling Gaze

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