Conscript of the Thracian Militia

This Background Package is intended for Guardsmen characters who are current or former members of the Thracian Militia. This Background Package offers alternate starting equipment, Skills, and Talents for Guardsmen characters.

Conscripts of the Thracian Militia can be of either gender. They can also be as young as 13 to as old as 45. The nation of Thracia is an agrarian society, one of the oldest on post-war Talis, that has been involved in a war with the Iron Priests for almost thirty years.

Replace the starting gear available to Guardsmen with the following items:

  • Laslock with 40 rounds of ammunition

  • Thracian Militia uniform (Blue for those from the north of Thracia, Grey for those from the south of Thracia)

  • Flintlock Pistol with powder and shot for 12 rounds of ammunition

  • Thracian Militia Body Armor (Grey or Blue, treat as an Armored Greatcoat, providing 2 AP Primitive. Is very hot and uncomfortable in the heat, most soldiers sell theirs as soon as is possible)

  • Grox-hide haversack

  • 1 week hard tack and salt-beef rations

  • Canteen (either wood or metal, 1 quart capacity)

  • Folding pick-shovel

  • Copy of “The Battlecry of Freedom” (if the character is literate)

  • 1 kilogram spun cotton (for bandages, kindling for fire, or as a trade-good)

  • 1/2 kilogram tabac

  • Bayonet (also functions as a combat knife)

  • Leather rifle sling, pistol holster, pistol belt and cartridge case.
Starting Skills and Talents Type XP Cost Pre-Requisite
Pistol Weapon: Primitive T 100 -
Basic Weapon: Las T 100 -
Basic Weapon: Primitive T 100 -
Melee Weapon: Primitive T 100 -
Street Fighting T 100 -
Mighty Shot T 100 BS 40
Dead-Eye Shot T 100 BS 30
Drive: Ground Vehicle S 100 -
Barter S 100 -
Trade: Choose One S 100 -
Tracking S 100 -
Speak Language: Gothc (Thracian Dialect) S 100 -

Conscript of the Thracian Militia

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