Cult of Starry Wisdom

Center of Power: Innsmouth
Clergy: 25
Estimated Faithful: 9500
Designation: Mystical Sect
Leadership: Stormfather Wilhelm Whately
Venerates: Unknown, possibly Kurios Merodach in a debased form

The Cult of Starry Wisdom is a warped variant of the Imperial Creed that exists, primarily, along the western seaboard of Talis’ primary continent. It blends traditional worship services with an ocean-based mysticism centered around strange artifacts, possibly Xeno in origin, that were recovered by members of the cult after the Night of Fire. It is believed, though by no means confirmed, that these artifacts washed ashore near the modern-day township of Innsmouth following the underwater detonation of an errant nuclear missile launched from Hive Paradyson at Hive Bonneyart during the Talisian Civil War.

The Cult of Starry Wisdom maintains absolute control over the town of Innsmouth and its immediate environs, and has begun infiltrating other, nearby towns in that region of the Reach. Outwardly, the Cult of Starry Wisdom seems similar to many other sects of the Imperial Creed, combining standard morality tales and condemnation of heretics with a significant focus on the God-Emperor as a “lord of the depths”, tying the veneration of the God-Emperor into the oceanic mysteries of the cult. Its symbols are often marine in depiction, usually a fish or kraken, often imposed over a triangular or trapezoidal pattern. Its colors are blues and greens, and during religious ceremonies, priests and lay-members alike don masks made of driftwood or whalebone.

Actual practices of the Cult of Starry Wisdom are shrouded in secrecy. It is known that the cult holds services twice a week at its shrine, built atop a jumble of rocks that rise above the waves off the coast of Innsmouth. Events of tidal disturbances, predicted on the phases of the moons, seem to hold especial significance for the group. Religious observations center around baptisms in seawater, marriage between family clans within the community, conjugal activities and the bearing of children. It is believed that the cult also practices human sacrifices at the turning of the year, during the period of total lunar eclipse. Whether or not this is true, it is noted by outside observers that, from time to time, members of the Innsmouth community apparently vanish and are never spoke of again.

By some quirk of fate, or perhaps the blessing of the God-Emperor (or some other entity), the town of Innsmouth enjoys a bountiful harvest from the irradiated ocean, gathering a large supply of fish, kelp, salt and other maritime treasures. This allows the population to feed its people, salt and pickle fish for export and trade, and establish a local currency based on strange, golden coins that occasionally wash ashore. However, living in such close proximity to the ocean, coupled with the twice-weekly immersions as part of their observances, has resulted in a noticeable uptick in the number of radiological mutations amongst the population of Innsmouth, so much so that the bulging eyes, receding gumlines and scaly, hairless bodies of most Innsmouthians has become a stereotype across the Wastelands, referred to as “the Innsmouth look”.

Cult of Starry Wisdom

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