Cybernetic Resurrection

Cybernetic Resurrection
Life as a Praetorian begins following a complete cybernetic rebuild of the subject’s mind and body. Whether this was done as an upgrade from a previous period of service as a different class of Skitarii, or as their first induction into the Tech-Guard is irrelevant. All that matters is that their weak flesh is removed, replaced by the Blessings of the Omnissiah in the form of a gleaming chassis of armor plate and weapon mounts, ready for battle.

Undergoing Cybernetic Resurrection is a harrowing ordeal, even with the medical talents of the Mechanicus. It requires the permanent expenditure of a Fate Point to receive these blessings. Of all the wonders capable by the machine-smiths, only a few Magos have the skill to perform the feat of full cybernetic resurrection, and fewer still have the inclination to do it, especially at the behest of others. The Tech-Cults of Talis each maintain a talented cadre (always few in number and all extremely high-ranking members of their respective cult) of Magi who are capable of performing these sacred arts, for the Skitarii are the militant arms of these Machine Cults. They reconstruct viable candidates (willing or otherwise) with artificial bodies, organs harvested from servitor stock and vat-grown synthetics, a process that can have terrible repercussions for the mind. Survivors of this procedure are rarely stable, their personalities and motivations a mere shadow of their former selves. Upon gaining a full resurrection, apply the following changes:

  • Erase the character’s current Strength, Toughness and Agility Characteristics and replace them with 30+2d10 for Strength, 30+2d10 for Toughness and 15+2d10 for Agility. Any previous Advances to these Characteristics are lost. Also, you may not improve these Characteristics without the aid of a skilled Magos, and such improvements are costly in both time and resources. These costs and resources are reflected in the Advance Scheme, below.
  • As noted previously, permanently reduce your total Fate Points by 1.
  • Halve your Fellowship Characteristic.
  • Any Talents for which you no longer meet the requirements are lost.
  • Gain 10+1d10 Insanity Points and immediately apply any lasting effects.
  • Gain the following Talents: Autosangine , Prosanguine , Chem-Geld, Disturbing Voice , Resistance (Cold) , Resistance (Heat) , Resistance (Fear) , Resistance (Toxins) , and Resistance (Radiation: 30).
  • Gain 5 Armor Points to all locations. This armor stacks with any set of armor the character might otherwise wear, but replaces any Dermal Plating the character may have had as a Skitarius. Note that this new armor plating makes the character Hulking, but as it is part and parcel of his being, the character is able to avoid attacks as easily as any other.
  • The character may no longer Swim.
  • The character may no longer gain any benefit from the Medicae skill.
  • The character gains an in-built rebreather, which can operate in almost any environment. While the character is still required to breathe, this respirator unit can operate under water, or in toxic or irradiated environments. Additionally, it contains an internal cell which can keep the character alive in a vacuum for up to 6 hours. In an oxygenated environment, the cell can replenish 1 hour of oxygen in 10 minutes, up to its 6 hour capacity.
  • The character possess an in-built vox-link with a range of 100 kilometers.
  • Though the character retains their original general shape, they now weigh three times as much. Additionally, they can have further implants and augmetic systems installed, in accordance with the packages listed below. Lastly, they may receive upgrades and additional augmetic implants later in their careers, should their Tech-Priest masters deem them worthy.

Praetorians receive one of the following Traits, which marks them out as an elite member of the Tech-Guard of the Machine Cult they serve.

Reborn of Iron: The Praetorian receives the Machine (5) Trait. He loses the re-breather noted above (he no longer breathes) and can no longer be healed by Medicae or Psychic means that apply to living tissue. He also loses the effects of the armor plating listed above; this is replaced by the effects of the Machine Trait. His own systems will repair damaged parts at the rate of 2 W per day. In the case of Critical Damage, depending on the extent of the injury, the Praetorian or a Tech-Priest can make a Wright (Cybertech) Test, with a -5 penalty per point of Critical Damage, to repair damaged systems, at the cost of 500 Ing in parts per point of Critical Damage (3 points of Critical Damage would therefore cost 1500 ing and a Wright (Cybertech) Test at -15). Note that this only applies to Critical Effects that result in limb loss or other crippling injury.

More Machine Than Man: A mixture of augmetic systems and gene-grafted organs have turned this Skitarius into a growling mountain of muscle, armor plate and augmetic limbs. Increase the character’s Wounds by 5 and remove the “Only Human” Trait. Add 1d10+10 Insanity Points and apply their effects immediately.

Cybernetic Resurrection

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