Dark Pacts

There are numerous ways that Acolytes might take to make Dark Pacts. However, it is not simply enough to desire a pact with the Dark Powers; you must also have an opportunity to make one. This can occur by a number of means, such as the performance of a secret ritual, travelling to a particular location associated with the Power, or gaining possession of a particular item (or a combination of all three!). An Acolyte may discover these means quite coincidentally during the course of play (through items confiscated from cultists, for example), or they may seek them out of their own accord. This search is never easy and a Forbidden Lore (Daemons) Test or specifically-applied Investigation skill Test is required.

Finding Patrons

Pacts Sought After
These are the classic circumstances by which Dark Pacts are made. Through the use of forbidden knowledge or dark myth, a Daemon or other entity is called on and bargained with for power or aid. The more corrupted or more powerful a character, the more likely their chances for success.

Opportunistic Pact
This usually takes the form of an approach by a Daemon towards a character. This may be due to the character’s level of Corruption, or because other circumstances permit the meeting. Visions on the point of death, dream sending or Daemonic visitation when a Psychic Power goes horribly awry are all possible ways for such offers to be made. In such cases, the Daemon is actively seeking to strike a bargain with the character, and the Pact is almost certain to succeed if the character accepts it.

Resonant Locations
There are some places where the veil between reality and the Warp stretches thin. In such places, Daemons and other Warp-entities await and listen; here, forbidden rituals find favor and myths gather. Ancient ruins, sites of Chaos atrocity and murder, forgotten hulks and dead worlds once lost and saturated in the Warp, all might provide locations where a character could lose their soul.

Types of Pacts

Pacts of Survival

Pacts of Dominion

Pacts of Vengeance

Pacts of Desire

Pacts of Knowledge

Effects of Pacts

Entering into a Dark Pact is a stain on a character’s soul that will never be clean again, and even attempting such a thing is an unforgivably foul act. Conversely, if a Pact is successful, the character will gain some small measure of control over the Warp-Taint infesting him, and indeed will become less subject to its more minor effects.

Entering a Dark Pact immediately adds +20 Corruption Points to the character’s total, to a maximum of 90. This may be increased depending on the nature and benefits of the Pact.

A character with a Dark Pact is shielded somewhat from the effects of the Warp. He halves the results of any randomly-rolled Corruption Points inflicted, rounding fractions down.

Dark Pacts

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