Deacon's Ferry

Deacon’s Ferry is a mid-sized town located on the southern shores of the Reach. It is built upon the ruins of a pre-war naval base, and is dominated by the rusting hulk of a naval ship that was thrown upon the shore by a tsunami during the Saint’s War over a thousand years ago. Deacon’s Ferry offers the only launching point for vessels bound to Mount Pillarus, the headquarters of the Children of the Atom.

Though it is part of the Reach, and thus belongs to King Radical, the town was recently annexed by the Children of the Atom and garrisoned with a coterie of their skitarii soldiers. The Magos in charge of the local Tech-Shrine is known as Frau Doktor Ecks, sometimes noted as Frau Doktor X, and she oversees the construction and repair of vehicles, mostly light ground vehicles and watercraft. The town engages in trade with a number of groups, as well as producing their own food, mostly edible fungi, grox, goats, and mut-fruit from orchards around the town.

The industrial waste and radiation of the region makes fishing a very hit-or-miss industry, and most people of the town will not eat fish caught locally, instead trading with Heirburgh. The local radiation has not stopped the public bath-halls from being a popular attraction, and there is something of a cottage industry centered around the rumored healing properties of their gently-glowing, “naturally” warm waters.

The town also features a number of taverns, hotels and traders in an open-air bazaar located along the main thoroughfare. The Children of the Atom also buy, sell and trade technological goods at their shrine, though large acquisitions and prized finds, such as servitors and cogitators, must be delivered by ship to Mount Pillarus for examination, evaluation and purchase.

A ship runs between Deacon’s Ferry and Mount Pillarus every four to six days, depending on weather conditions and the ship’s state of repair, which is generally poor. Tickets are sold at the docks for 15 ing per person, one way. Livestock cost an additional 10 ing a head, though bulk transport arrangements can be made in advance at either Deacon’s Ferry or Mount Pillarus.

Deacon’s Ferry remains within radio range of Mount Pillarus, and regularly receives broadcasts from the Sacred Vox, one of the leaders of the Children of the Atom.

The ruins of the ship serve as something of a slum for the town, housing all manner of social rejects, mutants, runaways, scags and other detritus. The ship is referred to as the “Rustbucket” by the locals, and has broken into three separate pieces on the shore, giving rise to a complicated network of winch-driven elevators, zip-lines, rope-bridges and catwalks connecting the various sections. A large number of ab-humans and mutants are said to dwell within the Rustbucket, and visitors are encouraged not to delve too deeply without an armed escort. A mercenary Tech-Priest, currently in the employ of the Children of the Atom, referred to as A Tech Called Greasepit (yes, you are required to say the whole thing), resides within the Rustbucket, coaxing ancient cogitators and other systems back to life so that he may plumb their depths for data. A Tech Called Greasepit also collects various salvage from the ruins that he trades with travelers and merchants for a variety of goods. A Tech Called Greasepit is heavily augmented, and now appears only vaguely humanoid.

Deacon’s Ferry is home to approximately 35,000 people. Most of them are not members of the Children of the Atom, though will work in the various minor factorums and forges the Children have set up around town.

Deacon's Ferry

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