Dress and Undress

Threshold: 7
Focus Time: 1 Full
Sustain: Special
Range: Touch

This Arcana is used by the Sorceress to prepare an outfit for rapid dressing or undressing. She makes the Manifestation test and touches the articles of clothing to be so affected, anointing each with a few drops of sacred oil as she does so.

Articles of clothing or armor enchanted with this Arcana can be donned or removed in a single round, regardless of where the Sorceress stores them. As a Full Round action, the Sorceress may invoke the previously-cast Arcana, which will cause the articles of clothing to either appear around her (as if she had put them on normally), or fall from her body to land at her feet (as if she had undressed and dropped them there). The articles of clothing so affected may be located anywhere within 100 miles times the Sorceress’ Willpower Bonus.

This Arcana lasts a full day from the time it is cast until its effect ends and it must be recast. While it is in effect, the dress or undress effect may be triggered as often as the Sorceress wills.

Special: This arcana requires a specially-prepared flask of scented oils. This can be prepared with a simple Trade (Herbalist), Chymistry or Trade (Apothecary) test. A single flask of this oil costs 10 ing in materials and can last for 10 castings of the Arcana.

Dress and Undress

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