Forbidden Lore (Arcane Languages)

This skill encompasses recognition of and pronunciation to the surviving words of certain ancient, powerful languages, supposedly written in the language of the Warp or, at least, of the denizens that dwell therein. Each syllable of these words is a powerful, and dangerous, fragment of arcane power. Speaking them aloud can cause unexpected, and dangerous, side effects. Mispronouncing them can cause even worse troubles. Though many of these arcane languages are based on certain dialects or variations of known Xenos languages or archaeo-linguistics, knowing the language does not assist in pronouncing these words, nor does knowing these words help in recognizing or speaking that language

Collectively, these languages (and there are many of them, born of xenos, long-lost civilizations, and from the Warp itself, as well as those created by long-dead sorcerers and witches) are grouped under a specific skill, which represents a broad understanding and comprehension of the arcane significance of the words in question (though by no means indicates complete fluency, even at the highest levels). This skill is Forbidden Lore: Arcane Languages .At the Trained level, the character receives 1 Sorcery die to use when making tests based on this Arcane Language. This bonus increases by 1 dice for every level of the skill beyond Trained.

Rank Speaking Dice Base XP Cost
Trained 1 250
+ 10 2 500
+ 20 3 750

This Skill can be learned via Daemonic Pact, visiting the Black Library, or hidden away in certain repositories of arcane lore. Only extremely rarely are usable notes or records found pertaining to it as part of a normal occult scholar’s collection.

Forbidden Lore (Arcane Languages)

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