You were born and grew up in one of the many scattered small villages and towns that dot the Wastelands like rad-blisters. Maybe your family were farmers, maybe they ran a sawmill, maybe they were more-successful-than-average raiders. Regardless, your background is one of hard work, frequent hardship, and danger lurking in every shadow, from drying wells to scarce game to radiation storms to something with tentacles and claws crawling out of the Wastes. Despite all of this, you survived, and are possessed of a strong work ethic, a willingness to get your hands dirty to accomplish a goal, and a healthy respect for the myriad threats the Wasteland is home to.

If you were born on the Frontier, you have the following Traits:

  • Wary: On the frontier, any stranger could be a threat, and any boulder could hide a monster. You react quickly to danger, because you never have to be the fastest runner, just faster than at least one other person. Add +1 to your Initiative Bonus.

  • Traditionalist: You grew up with the religion of your people. While you may or may not be particularly devout, the teachings of the town pulpit still keep some hold over you. You find that, regardless of where you are, most villages function pretty much the same. You gain +10 FEL when dealing with the common citizens of other Frontier towns. However, when dealing with the Ecclesiarchy from these places, their heretical thoughts put you on edge, as they must certainly be agents of the Warp. This results in a -20 FEL when dealing with such sorts.

  • Defender of the Wastelands: In the Wastes, life is short, hard, and usually ends amid brutal violence. Best to keep a shooting iron handy! You begin play with the Talents Pistol (SP) and Basic (SP). You can also choose to begin play with a stub revolver and 12 rounds of ammunition, or a hunting rifle and 10 rounds of ammunition.

Depending on your specific background, as agreed between you and the GM, you may choose one of the following Traits:

  • Shepherd: You spent your time handling flocks of animals, which kept you in food and clothing. You gain the Wrangling skill as a Basic Skill, and may purchase improvements in it for 100xp.

  • Apprentice: You spent your time as the assistant and apprentice to one of the myriad craftsmen found in the Wastelands. You begin play with any one Trade skill, as well as Dodge, Tech-Use and Evaluate.

  • Restaurateur: Your family ran a common house, either an inn, a bar, a hotel or a simple flop-house, providing guests with room and board. You begin play with the skills Trade (Cook), Evaluate, and Barter. You also begin play with Charm, Carouse and Gamble.

  • Farmer: You have spent your life working the fields, owned either by your family, or in the employ of a local land-baron or similar figure. You begin play with the skills Trade (Agri), Wrangling, and Tracking.

Frontiersmen (and women) represent the bulk of the population of Talis.

Frontier characters generate attributes using the following tables:

2d10+ 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

Starting Wounds: 1d10+2

D10 Roll 1-4 5-8 9-0
Fate Points 2 2 3

Starting Wealth: 1d10+30 ing


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