Fyr’Na’Nurgg is a mountain fortress located east of the ruins of Paradise Falls, in the north-western corner of the continent. It is a bastion of Chaos, dedicated to the Ruinous Power known as Nurgle, the God of Pestilence and Plague. The mountain is permanently shrouded in a stinking miasma, filled with swarms of buzzing flies and noisome vapors, its many snaking trails stained with organic wastes and the bones of the fallen, slowly sinking into a growing morass of filth and stagnant water.

Divinations and long-range auspex readings have identified three primary components of Fyr’Na’Nurgg. The first is the Swamplands, located at the base of the mountain. From pre-war plans and the best guesses of the members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, this seems to be the ruins of Paradiso’s water treatment plants, recyc centers and toxic waste handlers. Now, it is a morass of dripping trees and strange, fungal growths, all evidence of the decay and rot that is slowly overtaking the area.

Ascending further up the slopes of the mountain, one comes to the Fungal Forest, a thick, tangled growth of massive mushrooms, molds and mutated, cold-weather fungi. It is said that several bizarre creatures have been seen stalking this area, crusted in filth and ridden with disease. It is also said that the fungi to be found here are potently poisonous, while others are nutritious and wholesome. However, it is noted that two mushrooms of identical appearance may have radically different properties.

Near the top of the peak stands the Plague-Spires, a series of standing stones and pillars of frozen filth, all of which seem to be slowly decaying, though they are constantly replaced by other stones being revealed as the dirty snow melts away into stinking sludge and fresh snowstorms whipping the filth underfoot into new, frozen pillars and icicles of icy pestilence. It is said that the daemons of Nurgle may be found here, moving between the frozen pillars and bursting forth from the ground like pus from a wound.


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