Fyr’Na’Seenth is a fortress held by Tzeentchian troops located in the far north-west of the continent. It is sometimes referred to as the Crystal Palace. It did not exist prior to the War of the Seven Saints, though how it came to be constructed, or by whom, is unknown. It is built out of a once-active volcano shaped, apparently by arcane arts and sorcerous means, into the form that it has today.

The Crystal Palace is a massive complex of impossibly-floating isles of gleaming crystalline stones and soaring, needle-thin towers springing up at every angle from its sculpted slopes. Long-range observation describes the mountain’s new shape as “a tongue of flame, shrouded in frost and frozen in time.”

The approach to the Crystal Palace is deceptively simple. A wide, well-worn road of gleaming, glass-like stones, worn smooth and polished to a mirror finish by the tread of soldier’s boots and the groaning tracks of war-machines, leads up from Paradise Falls to the single wide-mouthed gate set between two sinuous towers. This Gatehouse, as it is called, is only the first of its arcane defenses, for the towers house bound daemons that hurl great gouts of flame and warpfire at those who approach uninvited, and the gate itself is watched constantly by two Rubric Marines of the Heralds of the Thirteenth Hour, a warband of the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines.

Beyond the Gatehouse is a long hall, seemingly tunneled through the living crystal that the palace is constructed from. This tunnel twists and turns, sometimes climbing and at other times plunging sharply, and does so in a manner that is impossible in physical reality, for it often makes sufficient turns to double-back on itself, and yet continues only onward. Strange shadows and shapes are said to be reflected in the crystalline walls, and illumination comes from unseen sources.

Where this tunnel goes is a matter of some debate, for those few who have divined it, and survived the experience, have rarely had the same experience. What follows, then, is a catalog of identified places within the Crystal Palace, though where they lie in relation to one another is unknown, and all of them are accessed via impossibly-twisting halls.

The Throne Room is a massive chamber with vaulted ceilings that disappear into the gloomy shadows overhead. It is dominated on its far end by a massive throne wrought of multi-hued crystals and cushions of smoke-like silk, housed within the gaping maw of a draconian skull. This throne is situated atop a high dais of black marble, flecked with what appears to be natural gold and deeply incised with arcane runes. At the edges of the dais stand braziers that burn perpetually with strange flames that shed no heat or smoke. The floor of this massive chamber (some describe it as scores of meters in length, and dozens wide, others state that the chamber is easily a kilometer wide and an hour’s walk in length) is made of polished obsidian, reflecting the viewer’s own visage back, though subtly changed and twisted. Stationed around the room are at least four other Rubric Marines, though Thrall Wizards and daemonic familiars have also been glimpsed here.

The Library is a spiraling tower that seems to extend laterally from the side of the mountain, though some reports indicate that it is actually suspended above the ground, for it is ringed with windows, including a huge, stained glass window that seems to depict a phoenix rising from purple flames in the tower’s “roof”, although it seems as if this window may be perpendicular to the ground. Within the Library Tower is contained more books, tomes, scrolls, lexiographers, daemonic familiars, memory stones, dataslates, cogitators and other keepers of lore and knowledge than can be counted. It is almost a certainty that the lore contained within this library is foul, indeed.

The Keep is the militant center of the Crystal Palace, and it is here that the mortal soldiers of Tzeentch are housed, along with their weapons and armor. There is also an aviary, of sorts, to be found here, wherein all manner of strange and terrifying creatures given flight by unknown means can be found. A large, silver-runed gateway stands at one end of the Keep, and passing through this gateway takes one to the front of the Gatehouse.

The Black Tower is called that only because it seems to inspire memories of children’s stories that speak of evil wizards living in towers upon lonely hills. In fact, it is impossible to know whether this is truly a tower, one of the floating shards, or something located deep within the mountain. It is a network of opulent passages, chambers for persons of nobility or royalty, feasting halls, cozy laboratories and intricate observatories. Though many doors here open onto balconies, the view they offer is not always of Talis or, if it is, is not always of places that could naturally be seen from that vantage. The Black Tower is almost always seen empty, save for the sibilant whispers of unseen daemons. It is believed that the master of the Crystal Palace, the personal champion of Tzeentch, Sammael Solistramos, makes his residence within this area, as well as providing lodging for whatever guests he may have that rate such attentions.


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