The Gatekeepers are an elite fighting force stationed in Gateway, guarding the road to New Canaan from the unworthy and the debased. Though few in number, they are possessed with a fanatical faith, and are also in possession of some of the most potent weapons available on Talis.

They alone determine who may ascend the Seven Thousand Steps to New Canaan, and reserve the right to turn back, at gunpoint if need be, anyone who seeks entrance to the fabled city. To date, they have repulsed attacks by bandits, Orks, Eldar, mutants, Beastmen, Skaven, Chaos Space Marines and the Brotherhood of Steel. They remain completely devoted to their patrons in New Canaan, though most of the Gatekeepers themselves will never see one of that fabled city’s residents, let alone set foot in the city. They are reported to be highly disciplined and extremely effective. Though it is rumored that they number no more than one hundred soldiers, they have defeated forces many times their numbers throughout history, owing to the difficult terrain of the area and their defensive measures.

The common Gatekeeper is dressed in a suit of black carapace armor, the left pauldron being gold in color, which bears unit insignia in black. The right pauldron bears a purity seal in the shape of a pair of crossed keys over an upraised sword. They carry hellguns and hellpistols primarily, though melta and plasma weapons are not unknown. They are also known to carry chainswords or power-weapons for close-quarters combat. Their weapons are built and maintained by a cadre of Squats, outcast from the Gunrunners centuries ago, and are deadly beyond compare to any other mundane firearm found in the Wastelands. They are experts at urban warfare, and maintain a small number of indirect-fire weapons, mostly mortars, that defend the mountain pass that leads into the town of Gateway.

The Gatekeepers are lead by the Lady General Sarhavina N’Crit, rumored to be a descendant of the Planetary Governor of Talis from the pre-war era. She is also rumored to be over two hundred years old, though appears to be in her mid-50s. It is assumed that either this name is hereditary, taken by whatever woman leads the Gatekeepers, or that these legends have no basis in fact. She is rarely seen around Gateway, remaining ensconced in her fortress-manse near the gate to the Seven Thousand Steps, though she is said to have lead a devastating charge against a raider band some sixty years ago who sought to pillage the town.


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