Ibrahim Nirgali

Saint Ibrahim Nirgali is often depicted as a massive brute of a man, dressed in a suit of heavy armor and often wielding a pair of chainswords, a pair of chainaxes, or a chainaxe and a plasma pistol. He is regarded as a peerless warrior, always eager to come to grips with the foe in hand-to-hand combat. He is venerated as the saint of direct action, of tackling problems head-on, and of bravery and courage in the face of adversity.

This Saint is venerated by many tribes in the Tenebrous Marsh as well as the Church of Eternal Fire.


The relics of Ibrahim Nirgali are said to lie scattered across Talis, while some are rumored to have fallen into the hands of the Arch-Enemy following the martyring of the Saint at the Battle of Dumai’s Well. It is said that he will be reborn into the body of a peerless warrior, which is believed by many to be Bel Ammaras, a man who has distinguished himself in countless battles across the Wastelands. His current whereabouts are unknown, though some suspect that he may have returned to his native homeland in the Tenebrous Marsh.

Fang: This is an ornate chain-axe that is shaped into the snarling head of a massive felid, its fangs and mane being the adamantine teeth of the weapon. It is said that the head of the axe is red and gold in color, while the teeth gleam the brightest silver.

Claw: This is an ornate chainsword with ornate quillions said to resemble the talons or claws of some predatory creature. It is commonly depicted as red in color.

Saint’s Sidearm: Of all the relics of any saint, this one has the most common depiction, and scholars almost universally agree on its appearance and function. This is a plasma pistol,thought to be of Ryza or Sollex-pattern, worked into the shape of a fire-spitting dragon.

Saint’s Carapace: This is an ornate set of blood-red Power Armor, set with all manner of spikes and studs for close-combat effectiveness. A heavy gold aquila hangs from a chain about the waist while the left pauldron is often depicted as featuring a weapon mount. Some ancient records maintain that the Saint could mount his plasma pistol here and operate the weapon by thought alone.

Ibrahim Nirgali

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