Iron-Girded, Mind and Soul

This is a Transition Package for Psykers, Nascent Psykers, Tech-Savants and other characters with at least Psi Rating 1.

The character spends long weeks of travel, searching for a rare sort of individual: a person of profound, unshakable faith in the Saints of Talis and the God-Emperor of Mankind who is also a master tattoo artist. This person is tasked, for whatever payment arrangements are made, to inscribe the flesh of the character with arcane wards that protect against the predations of the Warp and its malign influences. This task takes long hours, and cannot be completed in a single session. During the hours of darkness, while the artist does not work, the character spends his time in prayer, fasting and meditation.

When the work is complete, the character burns 1 Fate Point, and gains the following:

Iron-Girded: Daemons,Warp Entities and Psychic effects that attempt to possess the character’s mind, body, soul or free will suffer a -10 on any tests made to enact such effects.

  • +10 WP
  • -10 FEL
  • 1d10 Insanity Points
  • The Fate Point is spent after Fate Points for Ascended characters are assigned.

Iron-Girded, Mind and Soul

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