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Growing up in a small frontier village, Jill learned to support others, respect her parents and pastor, and help those she can with her skills and strength. Taking quickly to the local preaching of the Cult of the Revenant Lord it immediately fit her slant to proving yourself through suffering and righting the wrongs wrought by the weak. Driven to stop her depraved brother Phil Morales after hearing of his exploits on the farmstead, she took her family’s prized carapace helm and great sword, plus her most crucial small plastic cooler, she confronted her brother at the same time he was shot by Seyan Carterius for stealing from him (amongst others, namely Damien “Dino” Herman in the current timeline). Delivering the coup-de-gras, she cut his heart out to take with her in her cooler (after a bite for her own victory and customs) to take to the family Phil had wronged the most in life in penance. Whether the gift was well received, well, is unlikely but was not specifically stated at the time.

Since joining the party and throwing herself recklessly at a Fade to help Carterius, she had since learned a bit of temperance for her outrage at the unjust, demonic, and importantly, the psycher thanks to having her life saved by the enigmatic Content Not Found: lorelei. While hating many threats to the sanctity of innocent Imperial citizens (even in the wasteland of Talis), an acceptance of the good that can be done turning the enemy’s strength against them was always in her from her teachings in the blessed cult. Having recently found a long dead sister of battle in her armor, she has dedicated herself to continuing the sister’s work as best she can with her weapons for the good of the Emperor.

Jill also hopes to rejoin Brother Theodorus the marine who arrived on the ship with the dead sister bearing her current armor. She hopes to help him stop the dead-raising arch-bishop heretic who also escaped the wreckage. However, she could not abandon Carterius after coming this far and bonding in training with the witch-hunter.

Taken to the ultimate extreme, Jill then traveled to Thracia City to join with senior members of the Cult who indoctrinated her in the ways of the Sin-Eater through the grueling trials and scarring of her body. Now feeling prepared to travel the darkest paths and bring no pity to the evils of the world, this path has steeled her for the rigors of fighting the daemon and heretic in startling ways; but at the cost of any hope of her own soul which is thoroughly, yet willingly damned for all time.

…Or not quite “all time” as it turns out:

Jala is the name Jill Morales took after surviving the Cleansing Fire of Zuvassin. In his spite for the other gods of Chaos, Zuvassin undid all manner of corruption and related taint from Jill, and in the process reverted her body to when it first took on corruption at the age of 17, thanks to learning to hate and envy her brother Phil Morales and his avarice.

Having left the Cult of the Revenant Lord, and now determined to find her own way in the world, the prime thing Jala learned from Jill was not to destroy humanity’s dregs at a whim for lack of faith, but to inspire what faith is there and unite it in Talis’ cause to see ALL Saints reborn.

Being given this chance and having the knowledge Jill left her, Jala will strive at all cost to truly fulfill the legacy of Cannoness Gabriella without fail or question ever again.

Jill does not outwardly deny her past or identity, but while traveling, prefers to not have the stains of impurity and vile acts committed as Jill imposed on her as she performs her Holy duty.

While her “legal” name as such things are on Talis would be Jill Morales, she travels under the name of Jala Ningai, but has also picked up the nickname “Stacy” from a joke amongst some party members about how hard it is for certain people to differentiate pronunciation between her new name and Jarra, finding it funny herself, Jala-Jill-Stacy has let it stand.

At the climax of battling forces representing the Heralds of the 13th Hour, Ahymie lay dead at Carterius’ feet after strange and miraculous events had begun occurring. In the wake of this, Stacy, burning the last of her most holy and impassioned pleas to the God Emperor himself, Ahymie awoke. An artifact of Inanna was recovered from Sai, who then began shooting. Stacy managed to open a gate back to The Hub just as Carterius was shot through the chest and all but killed. After he was saved by the Cult of the Morning Star, but revealed as having a Mark of Zuvassin and exiled. The main support Stacy had was the Cult and Carterius since leaving home. They had always been fair and kind to her, if a radical departure from what she had grown up knowing. However, their Rev. Mother offered to allow her to join them, at Ahymie’s request and train under her new Sal’hadrin, Ynnefer Stark. While more alluring and romantically passionate than Stacy, she is a more than worthy teacher for those who are dedicated to hunting the witch, the heretic, and the daemon. On her new path as Sword-Warden turned Sal’Hadrin, she has many lessons to learn, some more interpersonal, some martial, and some meta-physical reflecting on all she has learned on this journey as she continues in Carterius’ footsteps to become a Sal’hadrin-Inquisitrix herself of the Cult of the Morning Star.

In her never-ending efforts to undo the damage done by her and Dino’s pact with the Children of the Atom, Stacy managed to meet up with Stormfather Marsh in Innsmouth. After settling mistrusts and then eventually scrying the location of the exiled Carterius with Marsh’s help, she managed to meet up with the now heavily mutated former Sal’hadrin. Not recognizing him, and killing him while pinned with Lady’s Best Friend, her hold-out melta, she tarnished her armor terribly summoning a daemon to lead her to Carterius. The daemon simply laughed and pointed to the mutant’s corpse. Further offending the blessings of her armor, Stacy then used the Enuncia of Resurrection to bring Carterius back after numerous attempts. The risen Carterius took Stacy to his home-base in the wintery north and explained what the Silver Key in Innsmouth could do. He also gave her Marsh’s test’s answers: “The answers to the question are, one, “a giant Torg”, two, “a mighty Slor”, and, three, “Shuvs and Zuuls”. He asks the same three questions every. Damn. Time.”

Back with Marsh, he put her through a series of visions and eventually asked his questions in a surreal hallucinogenic trial for the Silver Key. Earning the Silver Key and returning to Carterius with the party after the Tau saved Innsmouth from an attack by the Blood Pact, Stacy and Carterius opened the way to the Dreamlands and returned Ranger, the Champion of Innana, to Talis in Carterius’ incarnation’s place.

Jill Morales

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